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I will try to adapt myself in all the situations be it happy or disastrous one - Natasa Stankovic

With all the contestants look excited to get locked up in the Bigg Boss house, one such contestant is Natasa Stankovic who is brushing up her Hindi language to communicate with the other contestants.

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As the journey of the contestants have begun and the flight is all set to take off, we speak to the foreigner Natasa Stankovic who is a part of this highly controversial and full entertainer show Bigg Boss 8.

In conversation with TellyBuzz Natasa speaks about her strategy, learning Hindi, meeting Salman Khan and more...

Let's see what she has to say -

What made you to opt for this controversial show Bigg Boss?

I have list of reasons to opt for this show. First of all I want to learn Hindi and the culture of India. Second, it's a very challenging job to survive for a long time and to be good with everyone and also its  its a very good platform to show your talent. I hope that after going out of Bigg Boss 8 I grab something good.

What are your views about Salman Khan- the host of this show?

He is a great human being. I like his style of dancing, talking and walking. I have seen last episode of Bigg Boss. I know that he pulls everyone's leg but I just hope that it does not happen with me (Laughs). I am all set and excited to enjoy the Big Boss journey.

As you are not so familiar with the language how are you going to cope up in the house?

I know that in Bigg Boss house there is a rule to talk in Hindi so I have been learning this language for a long time and I am going to learn more as I enter the house. I know its difficult for me than the other contestants but I will give my best.

Have you set any strategy for surviving? If yes then what is it?

I am just going to be myself in the show because one cannot act all the time. I will try to adapt myself in all the situations then be it happy or disastrous one.

Do you think you will be able to get sufficient votes from the Indian audience?

Yes I hope so. I will try to grab audience's attention by being kind and soft spoken. I know that India has a very good culture of dancing so I am going to attract the audience by showing my dancing skills.

What do you think about your survival?

I don't know for how long I will survive but I hope that it just goes great.

We wish Natasa Stankovic all the best for her journey.

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