'I want to own a Hummer' - Rucha Gujrathi

Rucha Gujarathi, the bubbly actress of Waaris talks of her secret desire, her weird fan experience and much more...

Define yourself in one word: I’m simple

One Good Quality about you: Is that I’m honest

One Bad Quality about you: My anger

One thing you would like to change about yourself: To keep control on my anger

Saas V/s Bahu or Waaris… your favorite: Both are my favorite shows. You can’t compare a fiction show to a reality

On a blind date you would like to go with: Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise

Favorite Destination: My home sweet home in Daiser

Favorite Shopping Destination: When it comes to abroad its U.S.A. In Mumbai I like to shop from In-Orbit mall

Favorite Cuisine: Chinese and home made dal-rice

Favorite TV show: Friends, 24 and Saas V/s Bahu

Memorable Moment: The day I got my first show Kkusum

Secret Desire: To own a Hummer for my self one day

Weird Fan Experience: There was a guy from Madras who kept calling me and at weird hours. Then I had to talk to him but he demanded that he wants to talk to me everyday. I told him that it’s not possible

Messages to your Fans: Keep smiling and spread love

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (8)

she is really preety and nice
she is the best
thanks for th interview

15 years ago

hmm..nice interview:)
ya shes very cute..
i like chinese food too:)
luvdddd her as suhana in bhabhi..kkusum mai kali was also gudd..n now saas vs bahu shes doin gr888!!
all da best rucha...

15 years ago

wouldn't we all like to control our anger!

15 years ago

Thank you so much
Cute Girl I like her in Waaris
I like Her Answers

15 years ago

I likee her !
She is such a cuttie =D

15 years ago

its Dahisar n not Daiser nyways she sho cute

15 years ago

i luv her eyes.thanks for the interview.

15 years ago

she is very sweet.i realy lihed her in bhabhi and waaris.and also a great dancer

15 years ago

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