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I want to come out of the Bigg Boss house clean! - Soni Singh

Soni Singh who was last seen as Kalika in Sphere Origin's Saraswatichandra airing on Star Plus spoke about her motto of getting locked up in the Bigg Boss house before entering.

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The biggest reality show of the year has commenced with a bang and all the enthusiasm. The man who pulls the show like no one ever Salman Khan was simply dashing with his multitudes of talents. Well, before the contestants got locked up in this controversial house, TellyBuzz managed to get in touch with the contestants. Up next on our celeb list who entered the Colors Bigg Boss 8 house is Soni Singh who was last in Star Plus's Saraswatichandra essaying the role of Kalika. Read on and know more about her game plans!

Why Bigg Boss 8?

All this while people have only known me by my character name Kalika et al; all the negativity that I have portrayed in the daily shows. Hardly anyone knows me as Soni Singh. I want people to know who Soni Singh is and how she is as a person.

Bigg Boss is known for its controversies and you as an actor already have the popularity through your characters. What was your main reason to enter the house of controversies?

Honestly, I really do not want to get into any kind of controversies and intense arguments. Even if something happens, I would prefer staying away from it. I will try my level best to stay away from all such things. Had it been Kalika from Star Plus' Saraswatichandra, she would have been a part of it for sure. But here, in the Bigg Boss house, I am here to be myself and not a character. I am a very simple girl and I am very attached with my family. In the Bigg Boss house, audience will get to see me.

Like known to all, Salman Khan is the host for this season as well. He is known for pin pointing the mistakes that one has does and appreciating the good as well. Are you scared of him?

Nooo...! I have participated in this show just to meet Salman Khan. My basic motto to enter the house was Salman Khan. In addition, as far as I am concerned, I will just stay calm and not react to people who will try to irk and provoke me. However, yes, if it goes beyond a certain limit then I will definitely speak up and take a stand. So when I got a call from them to approach me for this season of Bigg Boss, I immediately said yes just because it had Salman Khan (laughs) and yes, I wanted to show people who Soni Singh is like I earlier said.

Are you entering the house with any kind of strategy and game plan to survive in the house?

Everyone who enters the house comes with one single thought that they do not want to indulge themselves in any kind of controversies. I know, in future there will come a time where things will go haywire and people will enter into an argument, but I will not react in an impromptu way. I do not want to be a part of this race of arguments. I want to come out of the house clean. I do not want to give out any negative image of mine.

Whom will you keep closer to you - friends or enemies?

Whoever is nice to me I will be good to them. At the moment, I cannot be judgmental because I do not know each of them personally. I do not know what the other person is thinking about me. If the third person will come up to me and tell that he/she was talking bad about you, I will not react at all because I was not present when that person was speaking. Till the time I have not seen or heard, I will not be irked. And even if someone has some problem, I really do not care.

One thing that you are taking along with you in to the house

I am a very family oriented person so I am taking my family's photo with me. Since I belong to a music family, I will take some kind of a music instrument that I can play when I am upset with something or I am in anger. That will help me release all my hatred and anger and keep me cooler and calmer.

How long do you think will you survive in the house?

I do not know about winning but I really want to go long in the competition. I just want my journey to be enjoyable where I will cherish every moment that I spent in the Bigg Boss house. I just want to make my stay worth it because I know something like this will not come my way anytime in future.

Anything to your fans

Guys, you all have always seen me planning and plotting in the shows but with this first reality show I want you guys to know who I am. I hope you will shower me with your love.

Well, we wish you a all the luck to get locked up and a happy stay as well.

Upasana Patel


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sp87 6 years ago Good luck Soni Singh!! You sound very genuine and love your acting in all the shows you have done. Wish you lots of success !
columbia 6 years ago Big boss house ek toilet hai bathroom nahi ki you will come out clean!!! Kuch bhi!
kavmuks 6 years ago BIGG BOSS KI Washing machine - Cleans people
Jiyagulabi_26 6 years ago U were amazing in sc... Used to watch only for ur scenes :)
Hope u will be in final six
love_karanabha 6 years ago Amazing acting as Kalika in Saraswatichandra ! All the best for the big boss journey
Gagani 6 years ago Soni , big fan of yours since serial Betiyan. I hope u win this show , would love to see in Lead role then. Good luck for bigg boss
masterpiece 8 years ago bikini or without biki.. u will be always a FLOP
cpervaiz 9 years ago her emphasis on dhoom 3 will clearly won't get her the role if that's why she keep mentioning dhoom 3
Prinsesse.Suvi 9 years ago Obsessed much, kudiye?
ROFL @..."Thank god for small mercies"
Chocolate... 9 years ago concieded much!
but total respect for saying things the way they r, u can't help it if ur hot. i understand tat some ppl need the dose of attention.
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