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'I put on weight and lose weight on my own' - Ketki

Ketki, the bubbly Nandini of NDTV Imagine's Jassuben Jayantilal ki Joint Family is addicted to mouth watering dishes that her mom prepares... Here is the girl talking about the delicacies she prefers...

Published: Sunday,Jun 22, 2008 12:04 PM GMT-06:00
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Are you a food-o-holic?
Yeah I am a complete food-o-holic.

Are you a veggie or a non-veg person?
Nothing like that. I enjoy vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food.

Is there anything that you do not like to eat?
I don’t like Chinese, continental and typical non-spicy food.

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Any dish that makes your mouth water?
Fried ducks and prawns made by my mother. I can eat it anytime.

What are you most likely to order if you walk into an Indian restaurant?
Well, if it is a vegetarian restaurant then I am most likely to order Paneer Makhanwala, Naan and Jeera rice. And if it is a non vegetarian restaurant then I would order for fried ducks, prawns, chicken lollilops etc.

Your favorite restaurant?
Oh, there are lots of them. If it’s an Indian restaurant then I would say Urban Tadka. And if I want to eat the typical Maharashtra food, then my favorite restaurants would be Sheeta Samudra, Tendulkar’s, , Gomantak and a lot more.

Strangest dish you have ever tried and where?
I haven’t actually eaten any strange dish as such, but yeah, once when I had gone to , I was served some strange looking pudding for breakfast. I thought it looked very despicable and very bitter. After eating that, I have an aversion to eating puddings.

Do you love to cook?
Yeah I love to cook, but my mum doesn’t really allow me to cook as I am very systematic in my cooking. I arrange all the ingredients first and then start to cook. My mum thinks it’s a complete waste of time.

Your favorite Ghar ka Khana..
My mum makes amazing masala chawal that I eat with dahi and aachar. She also makes mouth watering dal khichdi.

How do you usually begin your day, with coffee or tea?
My day starts with a cup of tea.

What is your normal food schedule for the day?
Being a typical maharashtrian, I begin my day with a cup of tea and some chiwda or kachori. For lunch I usually have chapatti and one sabzi, in the evening it’s tea with some snacks and for dinner it depends. If it’s non-vegetarian then it’s usually fried fish or chicken or masala chawal that my mom prepares.

Are you calorie conscious when it comes to food?
No not at all. I put on weight and lose weight on my own. If I feel like eating something then I just eat it. I don’t even know how many calories each food item contains.

With such a hectic schedule, how do you manage to follow your diet?
I avoid food on the sets. If I have a shift in the morning, then I skip my breakfast. I usually carry my lunch to work or if I don’t carry anything, then I order for some snacks. I usually make it a point to have dinner at home.

As a kid, what did you usually like to see in your snack box?
Vada pav. However, unfortunately my mum never gave me that. But I used to eat it on the sly from my friend.

Any food item you are addicted to?
Masala Chawal, double cheese pizza from Pizza Hut and burgers from McDonalds. I’m completely addicted to these three food items.

Any food item you are allergic to?
I’m not allergic to any food but yeah, I am allergic to hard drinks. I tried it once for a party and woke up the next morning with boils on my face.

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Jess. 14 years ago thanx

lol her answers made me hungry.!
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psjiggy 14 years ago she's in tht serial grehisti....rite????
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saylithegreat 14 years ago she is so cute
her ans made me hungry
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bony.js 14 years ago She's damn cute yaar!Thanx 4d interview..........
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Daebak 14 years ago Lol.......hehehehe ! But Kachori for breakfast is not good..heheheh!!
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