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'I prefer playing with the characters'-Shaleen Bhanot

Sangam of Shaleen and Madan - the shy Shaleen gives his take on on the rough and tough bad boy Madan in the new serial Sangam. Read on...

Published: Saturday,Sep 08, 2007 13:39 PM GMT-06:00
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When one thinks of Shaleen Bhanot, they think of his cunning looks, devilish stare, and piercing eyes... as Agni in Kulvaddhu and Shivansh in Kaajjal, Shaleen has taken a liking to playing negative characters in the serials. In the new serial Sangam, Shaleen has a chat with our reporter Mango on his new character Madan and how his role will play a part in the story.

I prefer playing with the characters-Shaleen Bhanot
Your role in Sangam is a negative role. Do you prefer playing negative characters to positive ones?

I like playing different characters. I prefer playing with the characters. It doesn't make a difference to me whether it is a positive or a negative one, though you get to play more when you are nagative.

How is this character different from the other ones you have played?

Madan is completely different from the ones I have played so far. Shivansh was a very stylish character. He was a celeb therefore he had a typical body language. Madan as a character is too different from everything. The way he walks, talks, his language, his accent, his voice is very different from Shaleen, Agni or Shivansh. Madan uses crude language. It took me a lot of effort to get that voice. Madan's gestures are different as well. He is no comparision at all except the same face and the product used on the eyes. It was kaajal for Agni but it's soorma for Madan.

Is there anything you can tell us about your character and the storyline of Sangam as it progresses?

Madan is very different from what you have seen on TV so far. He has no emotions at all. He doesn't love the main character but is just obssesed because of her good looks.
He is very powerful financially, politically. He is very shrewd and crude. Also he is a very egoistic guy who believes in getting whatever he wants. Woh paane mein nahi cheen ne mein vishwaas rakhta hai .

The story Sangam is about a girl, Ganga, who wants to fulfil her father's dream which Madan, being the bad man, won't let her achieve. The story is very simple. The difference is how they have shown it. It's about a very sweet girl. There are no 30 - 40 family members, no palace like houses, no crores ki baatein. There are other shows which a person can't relate to like talking about losses of crores. There are no big houses these days. We have tried to show the simplicity of today's world; show what real people are like and how important even Rs. 100 are for them.

I watch this show with the whole world at 7 o'clock and each time I ask myself 'Is this me?'
Tell us about your experience as shivansh in Kaajjal.

I prefer playing with the characters-Shaleen Bhanot
It was pretty cool...pretty nice. I would have loved to do it more but now due to Sangam I have less time.
Shivansh was a very stylish character. Everyone gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted. In fact, the tie inside the shirt was my innovation. We had tried everything but in the end we went ahead with my idea.

...and when asked if he would return to Kaajjal the reply was...

Due to Sangam I had to end it there but yes, I would love to continue if my schedule allows it.

How do you think you yourself have progressed from Agni in Kulvaddhu to your characters now?

As an actor I have progressed. What I have done in Agni was more of an aura..had to be very subtle. When I am like a bad person I can't even smile.
It should be very convincing. I think it ha been a fantastic journey till now. I have tried a lot of things; from a gray shade to a black shade.

In the end, how was it working with Jennifer and Chaitanya?

I don't have much of a thing with Chaitanya. He is a very nice and sweet fellow. Even Jenny is a very hard working. I think they are great!

And with a promise to make a post on india-forums for his fans next week he signs off.

Author: mango, ammmu
Reporter: mango
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moon.beam @moon.beam 16 years ago thanks for sharing......hope the film doesnt turn out to be bad after so much hype
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Marthika naina @Marthika 16 years ago Cool yeah i love him in sangam too and they used my pixc ..Which i made ..YEHIEEE
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maha @*-Surroor-* 16 years ago Yeah ur rite Puja.
I love him in Sangam.Hez so cute*blush*;)
Come on Shalz I never got to see you in Kajjal again.=(
Please come back!!! There is no charm without you.You are such an awesome actor!!!
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 16 years ago thanks for the interview... Shaleen is probably one of the most honest and friendly telly star/actor. Can't wait for his post!
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Huma @diljaani 16 years ago I shall be waiting for his post! :D

And he's as much obsessed with his kajal/soorma as we are! lol

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eternal @eternal 16 years ago wow i love his acting....keep it up shaleen
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Lady Black
Lady Black @Lady Black 16 years ago I really enjoyed that interview! I've read many interviews with different bollywood and tellywood stars, but the anwers Shaleen gave were very honest(At least I think so). Instead of the typical larger than life image most stars give out, he seemed down to earth and unlike a talented and great tv star...but more like a person just talking about themself! I do hope in the future there will be more interviews like this^__^

As for Shaleen, I think he has a sweet little face(Which might be one of the reasons he picks negative roles, to show he can really act!) and is a lovely actor! I'm looking forward to seeing him in a great variety of roles.

~Lady Black~
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Tooba fiaz @tumhari? 16 years ago heeeeeeeeeeeee is am awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee actor
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afreen @-Afreen- 16 years ago he actually kinda scares me wen he is angry, for instance, recently, he was pissed at ganga in sangam nd he made em change de channel for a wile..lol:P..he is good actor..!
wish him bestta luck for de rest of his fututre...:)
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xoxramxox @xoxramxox 16 years ago great article
shaleen is a great actor .. =D
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