I only act in one film at a time : Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi is one such actor, who despite acting in comparatively less number of films, has already created a large fan following.

Vivek Oberoi is one such actor, who despite acting in comparatively less number of films, has already created a large fan following. Films apart, Vivek Oberoi is endorsing a soft drink ‘Fresh Freezee’ where the actor will be exhorting the youth to shun alcohol. This promotional is being brought in the form of a music album by Vivek’s cousin and ad filmmaker Anand Oberoi. Recently, we caught up with the actor to know about this ad as well as his future plans. Here are the excerpts.

Q: What has actually inspired you to work for this particular album?
A: Actually, this is not just an album, but a terrific concept to promote a cola. The product is an alcohol free apple juice and the message that I am trying to convey through this album to the youth is that we can make our lives fun filled even without consuming alcohol. Initially, this was just a simple a advertisement, but Pritam has composed such wonderful music for the promotional that we have decided to launch it as a music album. There are two reasons for participating in this ad-cum-music album. First Anand, and second the unique concept of the entire show that is very different from the traditional ads.

Q: Tell us something about your cousin Anand.
A: Anand is my cousin with whom I have lived in the same house. Being a part of a joint family, we understand each other very well and since we grew up together we are good friends. He is running an ad company for the last 12 years and is a very successful ad filmmaker. This is the first time we are working together and the experience has been great since he is not only my cousin, but also my director here.

Q: Is there any plans that he will direct you in a feature film after this album?
A: It would be too early to say anything on this. First, let this album be a hit and then we will consider working together in a feature film.

Q: You are looking very good …
A: This look is for my new film ‘Mission Istanbul’ and this is my second film with Apurva. Here I am playing the role of a Turkish commando and my name is Rizwan.

Q: We have heard that you are learning Tai Chi for this film and at the same time your 6 pack abs too is the talk of the town…
A: (Laughing) Oh God! Look the main attraction of this film is neither Tai Chi nor my 6 pack abs, but my performance. I have a terrific role in this film. This is a beautiful film and I consider myself fortunate to be able to act in another good film. However, I cannot tell much about the film at this stage for I fear that while talking much, I may reveal some secret packages included in this movie. Nevertheless, I am very excited about this film.

Q: How much has this film incorporated scenes from Mithun Chakraboty’s ‘Commando’?
A: (Laughingly) Are you a Bengali? I believe that only a Bengali (read Mithun fan) can ask such a question. Anyways, I am not performing the role of any such commando, but the commando in this film is a very likeable person and the centre of attraction for one and all in the film. Like a ghost, this character sometimes disappears from the scene and then suddenly is before all. This character is larger than life, something that you may have read in the books as a child.

Q: Alongside acting, you have always taken great pains to make your look appear perfect. Whether it is Chandu in ‘Company’ or Maya Dolas in ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ it has been the same. What is your preparation for Rizwan in ‘Mission Istanbul’?
A: First of all I must thank you. While portraying Maya Dolas, I had done a lot of research and on the basis of whatever I had gathered, I tried to make the role more powerful. However, Apurva has taken the entire responsibility for my look in this film. He has argued with me that since we are doing two films back-to-back, I should look completely different from Maya Dolas in this film. This is the sole reason why my looks as well as my performance have undergone a transformation in this film. Rizwan is not an urban gangster like Maya. On the contrary, he is much disciplined and has a mission. There are many who have told me that as a commando I should be wearing a uniform and short hair. However, I haven’t done this for there is a twist in this film which you shall see when it hits the screen.

Q: What is the reason that after accepting you in ‘Masti’, people have not liked you in comedies like ‘Pyare Mohan’ and ‘Fool and Final’? Would you like to do another film like ‘Masti’?
A: Definitely. In fact I am going through some comedy stories right now. Let’s see if they materialize.

Q: Is it true that you are acting in the remake of the Tamil film ‘7G Rainbow Colony’ and Anubhav SInha’s untitled film?
A: Look, I only act in one film at a time. Currently, I am listening to many stories and if I like any of them, I may agree to act in films based on those stories. Presently, I am busy with ‘Mission Istanbul’ and my entire concentration is on this film. Once this film is over, I will take a break and then start working on a new project. This is my style of working.

-Rajnee Gupta (SAMPURN)

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