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'I like to hang out with friends on Sunday' - Nikhhil Chaddha

Nikhil Chaddha who is the male lead of Zee TV's new show Apno ke Liye Geeta ka Dharmyudh talks about his Sunday plans...

Sunday Ho Ya Monday: Roz Karo Funday

At what time you usually get up on Sundays: It depends on the Saturday late night party I attend.

Your Sunday date: The girl who will be the lucky one on that Sunday.

What are your normal Sunday plans: Nothing much, I get up in the morning then plan meeting up with friends, then go out for a party or dinner. In other words, I like to hang out with friends.

How should your Dream Sunday be:  My dream Sunday would be sitting at my bungalow holding a cup of tea, from where I can see the sea face.

One Sunday Memory: I still remember watching Cartoon films in the morning with a cup of milk and something to munch while I was a school-going kid.

One crazy Sunday moment: When I forgot that it was Sunday and went to school

Your Dream date on Sunday: I have not dreamt yet

Does Sunday excite you?  No

What are more interesting, Saturdays or Sundays:  Saturdays only if there is a holiday the next day..

What are your Sunday plans for this week: Will be shooting for my new Zee TV show..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar




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Shas3 9 years ago really? why even waste time to ask about sundays? could have asked some more hard hitting questions
--Neelanjana-- 9 years ago NIKHIL was in MJHT.All the best 4 your new show,nikhil.
ramita_nayal 9 years ago Sunday Ho Ya Monday: Roz Karo Funday....i like it:p....btw all the best nikkhil for ur new show:)
WooHooHaha21 9 years ago lol!! his crazy sunday comment was too funny!! lol!

all the best nikhil for ur new show!!
_Janki_ 9 years ago all the best for your new show
Yashh... 9 years ago All the best Nikhil

it was a very sweet IV
Nikhi. 9 years ago Aw, I really like him. :) All the best Nikhhil!
yipee 9 years ago nice ones...all the best for his new show
gopi06 9 years ago All the best nikhil.....................
-Preeti- 9 years ago wishing Nikhil all the best for his New Show
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