'I have learnt a new trade,what more can I ask for?'-Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka Tripathi received a lot of flak for not taking part in the Finale of Say Shaava Shaava. Here is the actress reasoning out...

Divyanka Tripathi who came under a lot of flak for not taking part in the finale of NDTV Imagine’s Say Shaava Shaava is not at all apologetic for her action! "I was needed more at my Dulhann set that day, than at the reality dance competition. Moreover, the NDTV Imagine show was not affected by my absence, right?” says Divyanka with a wrinkle on her forehead.

She goes on to say that there was no contractual obligation for her to be present for the finale. “The agreement was binding me to the show only till my elimination. Actually, I suffered financially by not turning up at the finale, for I was being paid per day. But I happily endured that loss as Dulhann has given me everything", says the actress.

But didn’t all other contestants turn up for the Finale? "That’s okay, for none of them are working 30 days a month! I have put in too much of hard work in the past few weeks. I would first go to Shaava Shaava, then to Dulhann, and finally at night would do riyaz with my Guruji as well”, opines Divyanka.

This girl who won the best debut actress award at Ekta’s Global TV Honors event was hurt at the manner in which judge Simi Garewal was promoting Naryani Shastri at her expense. "A lot was said against me; hence I wept on the elimination day", confesses the actress.

However, she has no regret of taking part in the show. "I have learnt a new trade, what more can I ask for? My growth as a singer was also appreciated by one and all", she ended.

Author: Anil Merani

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well i think divyanka is rite, i mean she the show needs her more since shes the main lead and say shava shava is going to end anyways at the finale, although it would've been nice to c her there, i totally agree with her

16 years ago

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16 years ago

thnx...ya itz quite difficult to manage wid u doing daily soaps...nd we r wrng wen u compare juhi nd divyanka...bth r different nd d power or rate of endurance of stress is different 4 bth....divyanka u r superb in dulhann nd juz carry on d gud wrk dat u r doing..

16 years ago

agree with norzar....dats wat i wanted 2 say...

16 years ago


thanks for this

ad far as i know, divya did say when shava was about to start that she has requested production team to give her fewer scenes in dulhan,
while she is in shava???

plus if divya had made it to the final, what would she have done then???????

i am sure then she would have attended the final??/

as far as juhi si concerned she is the lead in kumkum and she too is required for most of the month in kk, but the quality in juhi is that she never complains. she manages it well, without bickering


16 years ago

We're all with you Divya... you have our full support!!

She took everything nice and was a great sport throughout the entire show, it mustve been so busy fr her the whole time.. and she improved so much!

thanks for the article!

16 years ago

i like here but she could have tried to make out some time for the SSS for a couple of hours

16 years ago

Divyanka did the right. She is right that Dulhann is more important then SSS. When compared to Juhi, i don't think that juhi works 30 days a month. Divyanka is working very hard, and she is needed in almost every scene. And Mouni is not the lead character, so it doesn't affect. Divyanka is the leading lady of BMTD. I agree that Juhi is also a leading lady, but she is not required for every single scenes. I'm sure Kumkum has too many characters but BMTD doesn't have too many characters in it.

I don't know why people are making it a big issue. Please don't bother my sweet divyanka :)

16 years ago

awwwww poor girl
people are reaaly mean :|

16 years ago

she actually did the right thing take as my opinion....

16 years ago

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