'I get angry when my mom shouts at me' - Ulka Gupta

The bubbly Ulka Gupta is honest and serious about all her answers as Telly Buzz does a quick grill …

Your preferred way to pass time: By listening to songs and reading books

A prank that you played in school:
Actually I've played so many, I don't remember

One thing that makes you angry: When my mom shouts at me

Rate these in descending order of importance - Dancing, Acting, Singing: Acting,Singing,Dancing

Specialty of Jaipur sun: It's very hot. And I like hot places, so I love it.

One gift that you pray to God for: Success and that no problems should come to me or my family.

If offered a role in the next Harry Potter flick: I would love it! I would also love to be a part of the Chronicles of Narnia and the X-Men.

Your idea of doing something wild: Sky-diving

If JKR would not have happened, which other television serial do you think would have made for a great launchpad: Meera

As an actor your best friend is: My cameraman uncle Mr. Deepak

Favorite color: Black

A child actor loses his or her innocence. Agree/ Disagree: Well you can say they become more mature quickly, so yes maybe it happens.

Most beloved part of your house:

Most admired mythological character:

Ten years down the line you see yourself as an actor or camera person:
Definitely a camera person.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (3)

she's doing a gr8 job in JKR...
nice answers :)

14 years ago

hehehhehe... LOL!!!
She's so funny!!!

14 years ago

same here. Even i wuld said dis ans only Chronicles of Narnia N X - Men So dat i can wrk wid mine all d hottie... hehhe

14 years ago

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