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I follow ‘Forgive and Forget’ rule: ‘Splitsvilla X3’ fame Shivam Sharma on his new found friendship with Kevin

Here’s what Shivam has to say about his new found friendship with arch rival from ‘Splitsvilla X3’ Kevin Almasifar.

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Shivam and Kevin

Courtesy : Shivam and Kevin's Instagram.

‘MTV Splitsvilla X3’ is gearing up for the finale. The show has been quite entertaining. Recently, the tables turned in the show as Shivam Sharma and Pallak Yadav became an unexpected ideal match. While Shivam got emotional over the same, he also got the power to dethrone a couple from golden villa. How could Shivam miss this opportunity? He dethroned arch rival Kevin Almasifar and Kat Kristian from their positions in golden villa.

Well, as the ardent fans of the show would know, the show has been pre-shot. Currently, the dynamics between many relationships shared on the show has been changed, that too, drastically. The one changed dynamics of relationship has to be Kat and Kevin’s fallout post the show. Ideal match Sapna and Dhruv are also not on talking terms. But one bond that positively changed post the show has been that between Shivam and Kevin.. Yes you read that right!

Kevin and Shivam used to dislike each other to the core. During their course of time in the show, the duo didn’t leave any opportunity to take a dig on each other. The rumor mills state that Kevin got physical with Shivam and apparently hit him leading to his direct elimination from the show. However, things seem to have changed between the two and they’ve become quite cordial. In one of the LIVE sessions, Kevin stated that Shivam has become closer to him than Gary (Gary and Kevin shared brotherly bond). Shivam attended an event hosted by Kevin in Goa recently.

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India Forums got in touch with Shivam and asked him about his views on this new found friendship. He said, “Well, I’m not a person who dwell in the past. I like to move forward and focus in present. Also, I go by the rule ‘Forgive and Forget’. They say, ‘You forgive, because you’re forgiven’. We all do mistakes and it’s better to overlook them at some point in time”.

Before signing off, Shivam in his patent style said a beautiful shayri on the matter. He said, “Kuch iss tarah maine zindagi ko aasaan kardiya; kisisey maafi maangli or kisiko maaf kardiya”.

What are your views on Shivam-Kevin’s friendship? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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