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'I feel on top of the world'- Yashraj Kapil

Yashraj Kapil, winner of Sitaron Ko Choona Hai, the reality show on REAL, is ecstatic on having bagged the winning prize. He shares his raw emotions with us…


Yashraj Kapil, the winner of REAL's Sitaron Ko Choona Hai expresses his happiness at winning the grueling contest after three long months of hard work. "It has been a very long time that I've been preparing myself for such a big competition. And now I feel great that my efforts have given me such a sweet reward. I feel on top of the world," says Yashraj.

It's not just Yashraj but also his parents whose dreams have been fulfilled. He says, "My parents had always wanted their son's talent be recognized on a larger level. And today that wish of theirs has been fulfilled."

Yashraj tells us that he will not let his newf ound success get in the way of his groove. "I will continue to do my riyaz no matter what happens. That is something that should never get interrupted at all. And while I continue to exercise my throat, I feel I should re-start my gym regime, as it is also necessary to take care of my health," says Yashraj.

So what qualities does Yashraj personally feel set him apart from the rest of the contestants? To this the answer comes quick. "First thing, is my confidence. It was never hampered no matter how high the pressure was. Second is my singing style. I never tried to emulate anyone. I preserved my individuality. Third is my choreography. I made sure that I entertained the audience with both my singing and my dancing."

Yashraj gives a word of advice to all the aspirants out there. "Reality shows have become a trend nowadays, so in case you are looking forward to enter it, be prepared for head-on competition. And singing is now the toughest field for you make your mark on. So try to be the best all round performer."

Yashraj is now all set to cut out his prize winning debut album which will be released on Times Music.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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amit_arya 11 years ago Hey that was the great performance on grand finale night.. Yashraj deserves to be winner..
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