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'I feel guys lie a lot' - Abigail Jain

Monghi aka Abigail Jain of Imagine TV's Bandini aptly answers to all our set of rapid fires with sheer enthusiasm…

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Are you a music lover? If yes then what kind of music do you prefer: I love music and the kind of music I listen to depends upon my mood!

Do you like clubbing: Yes I do but can't go very often because I have just turned 18!

Favorite place to hang out with friends: To go for movies; I don't prefer mere chit chatting.

Would you like to settle abroad in future? If yes then where would it be: Surely I would love to and the place would be Miami.

One thing you want to change about our society: The restrictions laid upon girls even today when they have proved their capabilities in almost every field.

When you are out one thing you do to make it feel like home: I mess up the place around me (laughs).

One childhood Habit which you still persist with: I still sleep on my childhood pillow. I can't sleep without it.

How often do you visit a holy place: Very often at least twice or thrice a month.

Dream destination to travel: New York.

If given an opportunity to a rule a country which would it be and why: Obviously India because I think many things in our country need to undergo a revival. And secondly if I have to serve any country why not my own as 'Charity begins at home'.

If you win a charity of Rs 1Lakh, what you do - donate or go shopping: I would donate some but utilize more for shopping (smiles).

A cutest crush you ever had: The actor Ram Kapoor (shy).

Are you scared of horror movies: Yes, but still love watching them.

Are you punctual at reaching places: It depends upon my interest in reaching that place.

One thing you don't like about guys: I feel they lie a lot.

Any sibling fights: Yes of course we still fight over clothes.
Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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k_all_d_way 10 years ago she z such a sweetheart......so cute,so bubbly n so natural as an actor.Her role as Kakun in Kya dill mein hai was d one of d best ones ever created n performed wid such lan......d girl was an idol,my dream come true.i miss KDMH a lot.Best of luck abigail.
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AmbyCious 10 years ago @tomnjerry2 she isn't leing !! am with her !!! ROFL
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tomnjerry2 10 years ago chal jhooti !!!! ROFL
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sofiaax 10 years ago awwwwwww
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