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'I don't want to try exotic meat' Purbi Joshi

Ms. Television aka Purbi Joshi is right here at Telly Buzz giving us a taste of her liking for food...

Published: Sunday,May 25, 2008 10:50 AM GMT-06:00
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I dont want to try exotic meat  Purbi Joshi
I dont want to try exotic meat  Purbi Joshi
Are you a food-o-holic?
Yes I am. Big time!! (Laughs aloud)

Are you a veggie or a non-veg person?
I like both. I try to balance vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

Is there anything that you do not like to eat?
I don’t want to try exotic meat, something like a grasshopper, Buffalo, frog etc.., as that is not made for me. Also, I try to avoid fried stuff.

Your favorite restaurant?
Spices in Marriot is one of my favorite.

The strangest dish you have ever tried and where?
I don’t think I have ever tried anything weird as I am always careful of the food I eat.

What’s your normal food schedule in a day?
I like to have a heavy breakfast in the morning and to keep myself fit and going, I believe in having small meals every two to three hours.

Do you love to cook?
Naaa… may be once in a while.

When was the last time you cooked?
Around 2-3 months back, I made chicken curry for a Mexican family, who had come from abroad. I cooked for around 30 people, so I think I completed the quota of cooking for a year (grins).

Have you ever had problems with your weight?
Never ever in my life!! I think it’s my metabolism because of which I am always fit.

Are you calorie conscious when it comes to food?
Well not so much. I just like to have healthy food and can’t stop myself from food.

With what beverage do you start your day with – Tea or Coffee?
Neither of them, actually I have a glass of fresh juice or coconut juice and along with that few almonds and dates.

As a kid what did you like to see in your snack box?
I loved to eat the chicken curry and prawns that my mom made. I also used to like to see my friend’s tiffin as she used to get traditional Gujarati food and I simply loved it.

Even you are a Gujrati right, how come you never used to take Gujarati menu in your box?
Yes I am, but at my home we don’t cook out and out Gujarati food. We keep trying out various things and believe in variety!!

What is the most expensive restaurant you have ever been to?
Well, once I had been to a restaurant Lucern in Geneva, Switzerland with five of my friends. We had a gala time there as the restaurant was famous for sea food. However, I got a happy realization when I got a cheque of 50,000 or 60,000 when calculated in Indian money… It was so costly!!

Author and Reporter: Binita Ramchandani

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ashna khan @mishcutie90 15 years ago wow she is soo skinny itz funni that she is such a big foodie lol
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