'I don't like it when they call me Antara'- Zaina Vastani

Zaina Vastani, who juggles acting and school at the tender age of five, plays Antara an autistic child in Zee TV’s Aap Ki Antara. When she speaks to us, it is clear she is clueless on how to react to her fame…

Zaina Vastani is the new small wonder who has got popular on television. The little girl who plays Antara, in the Zee show Aap Ki Antara portrays the role of an autistic child so beautifully that she has become an instant hit with viewers.

Here is the five year old in an innocence-filled, sweet conversation with Telly Buzz..

Are you enjoying working in the serial- Aap Ki
Yes. I enjoy a lot.

Tell us about Prabhleen didi?

Prabhleen aunty is very beautiful. She loves ice creams.

Prabhleen Aunty or Didi?
I call her didi.

Didi in front and aunty at the back?


Why? She asked you not to call her aunty?


Who is your favorite among the co-stars?
Abhishek Bhaiya and Prabhleen Aunty.

Do you do masti on the sets?
Yes. Lots. And then mummy shouts at me. But I don't lessen up.

How did you prepare yourself to play Antara? What instructions were you given?

I did not prepare anything. Whatever director uncle tells me I do that.

Does Director Uncle(Sanjay Surtar) pamper you?
Yes. He lets me sit on his lap. He gets me loads of chocolates!

Which is you favorite chocolate?

Perk. Because it's very crunchy.

How do you manage your studies?

In the morning I go to school and in the evening I shoot.

When do you do your homework?
I do my homework on the sets. In fact I'm doing homework right now. I'm doing my spellings. (At this point Zaina goes on to read all the words from her homework book…)

Are you a teacher's pet?

Yes. She sometimes calls me Zaina and sometimes Antara. But I don't like her when she calls me Antara.

You don't have too many lines to say? Are you okay with it or do you feel you should have more?
I have dialogues no? I say…Antara icecream…Antara icecream…

Do your friends treat you in a special way, now that they see you on TV?
Yes. They all love me now.

How do you feel when you see yourself on TV?

I feel nice.

Who are your favorite actor and actress?
Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. I met them on L'il Champs. They kept calling me Antara.

Do you like applying make-up?

I don't do make-up.

Tell us about your twin sister Ziah and elder sister Simin?

My sister Ziah is working with Darsheel Safary in a Bollywood film and its name is Bum Bum Bole. My elder sister is not doing anything.

Do you guys have fun together?
Yes we do.

What do you do in your free time?
I read magic books. You know the one where you can make a bird come out of your sleeve? Like those.

Have you learnt any magic tricks yet?
No not yet.

Well, wish you all the best for your magic tricks Zaina…and for the magic that you perform in front of the camera too!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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ur so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet,u'r lke my lil cousin,kakoli,sndng lots of love from mauritius 2 u & ur family...............................

14 years ago

simply awesome, i'm addicted to this show

14 years ago

she is soo adorable!
the show is also gr8!

14 years ago

soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttt

14 years ago

congrats zee !!! great serial, great child actress!! her face is as innocent and genuine as her acting. zaina ... u r soooo adorable!!!

14 years ago

lol shes so sweet and cute and innocent and what not ... kids are always so ....

14 years ago

many many people have come to me n asked me if my kid is really tht kinda gal what role shes playin in the soap.. lol...i tell them she normal.. thts her actin she does on tv but in real life shes perfectly fine...lol...isnt tht funny.. one reporter asked the creative dir. tht what if zaynah is playin tht kinda role n then it will affect her in real life , the reply was people play blind man/womans role tht doesnt mean they turn blind...lol FUNNY....

14 years ago

Extremely cute and wonderful acting from such a young age! Keep it up, kiddo!

14 years ago

?????????????wer doesn my post dissapear???confusin site

14 years ago

Zaina bata so cute!!! Oh I shouldn't call you zaina "bata" I am only 11 years old myself!!! But I watch your show every day i love it you are so cute!

14 years ago

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