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'I don't believe in Sundays now' - Karan Kundra

Karan Kundra talks about his Sunday plans with TellyBuzz...

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Sunday?
I don't feel anything about Sundays after I have come here to Mumbai. I can go on narrating crazy stories about my Sundays during my college days, but there is nothing exciting that happens on Sundays now!!.

One thing you like to do on a Sunday morning!
I would love to drink water (smiles).

Do you see sunrise on Sundays?
What's so special about Sundays? All days are the same for me. I cannot even make out which day is today as I speak to you, so Sunday is too far (Says Jovailly)

Do you plan your Sundays?
No Plans… only shoot. But yes we used to plan our Sundays when I was at my home town. I still remember every Sunday with my friends; I used to go hunting in the jungles and the day used to be adventurous. Though we never used to hunt any animal, the satisfaction of being in the jungle was altogether different.

If you get a perfect Sunday all for yourself, how will you want it to be?
Firstly I will switch off my cell phone and relax for the whole day. Will read out news paper from right to left, and will just keep calm.

What is the Sunday special in your diet?
Everything tasty and healthy food will be included in my diet.

How many Sundays do you expect in a week?
Only One, I am workaholic and can't stay at home for longer time, so only one Sunday is enough for me.

What do you prefer; Sundays or Saturday nights?
Obviously I would prefer Saturday nights. But now due to shoots, neither Saturdays nor Sundays are exciting.

The craziest thing that you want to do on a Sunday!
Whatever I do becomes crazy on Sundays!

What did you do last Sunday?

I was in Shimla, I was back in my home town; I went for hunting with my friends.

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar



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ayshaomar 9 years ago awww bless karan he puts in a lot of hard work in shooting that he cannot even enjoy sundays
all your fans appreciate it karan you are the best actor!!!!!!!
Kudi_NextDoor 9 years ago Kitani 2 is a bomb, keep rocking Karan ;)
piamist 9 years ago Karan thank you every much for working on Sundays tooo..... but i miss u on Sat'day and Sunday's
khushnoodmir 9 years ago Karan even i dont lk sundays now becoz i miss u on sundays
salimagrg 9 years ago ya karan even i hate sunday cauz no kmh verry bore
kkrock 9 years ago LOL loved the interview verymuch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--HiNa-- 9 years ago karan.i am crazy about kmh1 kmh2 n arjuhi i hate sunday miss you so so much
luv_karan4eva 9 years ago i hate sundays coz no kitani2 so it hard to wait for next day to watch u on screen wish we watch u 24x7 lolz Love u
hikma 9 years ago Hi Karan and Kritika love the show love you 2 and U2 are the BEST KEEP ROCKING HIGH
gemini1217 9 years ago ohhhhhh karan!!!!!!!
dont wry ul get a freaking sunday sooon n den party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2010-12-11 13:17:28
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