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'I dislike the current warfare and blasts' - Priya Bhatija

Priya Bhatija talks of the best compliment she has got, memorable incident with fan and much more in our section of Quick Grills...

If not an actor you would be: A fashion designer. I have a degree in Textile Designing.

Favorite Historical Personality: I am very bad at history and can never remember any names.

If you had to make a choice between daily soaps, reality shows, hosting or an epic, you would choose:  I prefer anything, but my top priority would be daily soaps. In fact, Afreen, the character I played in Khwaish is closest to my heart.

Newspaper I love to read the most is: Mumbai Mirror.

You are Diplomatic or Straight-forward: Straight forward. I believe in saying what I feel and that has got me in trouble sometimes. I usually don't think before I speak and later regret.

The Best Compliment you have received: That I am a lot like Jatin's mom. Jatin loves his mom a lot and someone saying I am like her is a great thing for me.

The one quality you admire the most in Jatin is: I like everything about Jatin. He is caring, understanding and very patient.

Your Favorite Holiday Destination: Goa. I have been there twice and would love to go again.

Your Favorite Film Director: Rajkumar Hirani.

Most Memorable Incident with a fan: When I was shooting in Dubai for Khwaish, there was a man who was deaf and dumb. He would wait for me outside the hotel every morning and evening. He would shower me with gifts and appreciated my work a lot.

The one thing I dislike about India: Has to be the current warfare and bomb blasts taking place in the country.

Message to your India-Forums.com fans: Continue to love and support me as you have done for the last three years.

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saasrry 11 years ago really good ans esp. the situation of india she doesn''t like.........
-Jwalamukhi- 12 years ago Lub her with Jatin..and I miss Azaan and Afreenn..
anumshah1 12 years ago This content is hidden.
afreen_14 12 years ago i loved her as afreen in khwais and her jodi wid yasir(azaan) was just superb
Princezz8 12 years ago isnt she the one who played Ria in meri awaz ko mil gayee roshni?
Jenifer. 12 years ago she looks so pretty in the pic....thanks!
Kanika05 12 years ago She's pretty..Loved all her answers specially the Best Compliment one!
-Preeti- 12 years ago jatin loves his mom a lot
thats so sweeet

thanks for sharing the article
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