'I completed the shoot in 10 minutes for this role' - Jai Walia

After winning the hearts of audience as Jai Walia, our very own Ram Kapoor is making a cameo appearance in a Bollywood flick Golmaal Returns...Here is the actor's take on the same...

The talented Ram Kapoor will be seen enacting himself in Rohit Shetty's next 'Golmaal Returns'.The film stars Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade.

Giving an insight about the character, Ram who is popularly known as Jai Walia says, "I am just playing myself, the TV star Ram Kapoor". When asked about the experience he had in taking part in a Bollywood flick Ram quips, "Well, this is not my first appearance in Bollywood. So it was a nice experience". Talking about his cameo in Golmaal Returns, Ram says, "It was a very quick shoot, I shot the sequence in just 10 minutes". When asked about any other Bollywood offers up his sleeve, he mentions "No, not at all, I am very happy with television and about further projects in television, I only do one project at a time and now it is Kasamh Se". 

Adding further, Ram says, "Kareena Kapoor is portraying a character who is a crazy fan of television soaps and that is where Jai Walia enters. Golmaal Returns is expected to hit the screens on October 24, 2008.

Let's hope Ram Kapoor casts a magic spell even on Big Screen!!

Author and Reporter: Binita Ramchandani

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Ajay Devgn

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Comments (18)

Cool! Waitin for the movies & best of luck to her =D

16 years ago



15 years ago

cool can't wait to see it,I love Ram Kapoor he's an amazing actor.

15 years ago

A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!! simply CoooooooooooL!!!! cant wait to see the movie.... & the best thing is that he's playing himself.... :D

15 years ago

good....it must be a blink and u miss role if he has done it in only 10 mins

15 years ago

So cool, I am glad he is playing himself. But it will still be hard to see the serious JW as a complete flirt. I remember laughing hysterically when I re-saw our khadoos JW dancing carefree in Monsoon Wedding.
By the way I will be the one screaming and cheering loudly in the theater when he comes on screen.

15 years ago

in this pic, he looks like Archie Andrews :) hair and smile.. :)

15 years ago

thanks for the article....as a ram fan i am proud that he has made his fictional character jai walia soooo popular that he was invited to do a cameo in a movie playing ram/jai....as he said he has done bollywood before but this is with invitation coz he has reached a certain level in his chosen profession that his 2 minute appearance will enhance the salability of the whole film...i love it...and i really look forward to seeing ram/jai combinaion...

15 years ago

i'm looking forward to his cameo appearance !!!!!

15 years ago

thanks for the article!!
good luck RK!!

15 years ago

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