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'I can read people's mind' - Ravi Dubey

Omi aka Ravi Dubey of Zee TV fame 12/24 Karol Bagh shares his lifetime experiences with TellyBuzz..

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Ravi Dubey who is currently basking in the glory of his show 12/24 Karol Bagh on Zee TV, produced by Sunshine Productions shares his success as well as hurdles that came his way after he dropped his engineering and took up the bold decision of getting into acting..

What made you take up the path of acting?
I was doing my electronic engineering and failed in the second year and then didn't know what to do. Later without wasting much time I started doing modeling and got my first commercial for a car, which unfortunately got scrapped. The makers of the advertisement told me that I was not suitable for it. I did get many offers after that and then I gave an audition for my first show Doli Saja Ke on Sahara One, followed by Yahan Ke Hum Sikander and Ranbir Rano. Presently I'm seen in 12/24 Karol Bagh.

What was your parent's reaction to your sudden career jump?
They were always supportive; my father always told me that he will support me in anything I do. They were in fact very proud when my first advertisement came on air. I earned 10 thousand for it and I gave it to my father, which made him happy. He treated his friends in restaurant which had cost him three times more than what I had given him (smiles). The only condition he had put in front of me is that I should complete my education which I did.

Did you have any guiding star when you entered this industry?
No one. I decided to settle in Mumbai due to my engineering career. I am born and brought up in Delhi and came to Mumbai in 2001. I took admission in Rajiv Gandhi institute. But I always dreamt of becoming an actor, so when I started working out towards my goal I never
came across selfish or rude people in the industry. All my co-actors and producers treated me well and were helpful.

Do you think you would have pursued engineering if your luck in acting wouldn't have clicked?
No I wouldn't have grown as an engineer because I completed it for my parents. I am a creative minded person so would surely have done something in literature or in history; these are the topics which always interested me.

So how much has the actor in you changed the person in you?
I have acquired this quality of reading people's mind or face; it is one of the biggest changes I have noticed in me. I can now guess what is going on in the person's mind when I am conversing with him or her. I can also understand their mind from their reaction. It helps me to know who is genuine and who is not.

As far as the industry is concerned I sense that this is the most happening decade for television. It is constantly growing in a positive way. New actors don't have to struggle unlike the old actors who used to work for five years just to create a name for themselves. Fame comes easily for new actors especially if the script of your show is good.

People say that there is a cut throat competition in the industry, do you feel the same?
Not at all, I have never felt any kind of competition from my contemporaries. If there is a competition then it is always healthy. I am happy for the success of all my friends and vice versa. Those who believe in this type of competition should realize that for them success and victory do not last for a long time. Further I think it is in the mind of outside world only, we actors hardly believe in this term.

So what quality of response are you enjoying for your present character of Omi?
It is fantastic; frankly speaking I did not expect that it will get so popular. In the beginning I was apprehensive whether I will be able to pull it off or no but people have accepted my character well; also this show is a bit different from routine shows. Recently I was in a mall at Delhi where one couple came up to me and told me that they like my performance. Their kid who was an autistic child came to me and shook hands; I was so moved after meeting that kid. I hope that I will get an opportunity to work for autistic kids; I really want to do something for them.

How is it working for Sunshine Productions?
Oh it is great to work with them; Sudhir is a very good and humble human being and they are very approachable, supportive not only for actors but also for the entire unit. They are very professional and and take care of their actors very well.

So what's next on the chart?
There are many offers coming from television as well as films, but I could not do it as I have devoted time for this show. I have a lot of respect for TV as it has given me recognition. It may sound cliched but I want to expand my acting horizons. I still need to work on myself. But yes doing a film is my ultimate destination. I also do not mind doing reality shows, I am fine with both dance and non dance reality shows. I love comedy shows but I am still suspicious about myself whether I can do it or not.

So who are your great buddies on sets?
Actually everyone Manish, Smirti, Neil, Hunar, we all hang out together when we do not shoot. We all are good friends.

Who is your favorite actor on TV?
Kavita Kaushik, she is a friend so I know how challenging it is for any actress to do such a role. She is doing a good job in FIR, her Haryanvi accent is perfect, and it is giving a change to increase her parameter of acting. It is very tough role to pull off such a role.

Do you miss your friends and parents?
Currently no, because now I am in Delhi so stay with my parents, and most of my friends are in Delhi. I can chill out with them anytime. But since I was living in Mumbai and I love that place, I miss Mumbai's life a lot now.

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Naivedya 10 years ago Ravi you are awesome! Omi is my favourite character in KB! Keep rocking!
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Shaina_b 10 years ago Even I love Kavita!!!!She is just too good!!!!

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superstar95 10 years ago he is a true actor who is not rushing to bollywood nd failin completely nd then cumin bak to TV shows..thnx alot for a great human being nd an actor!
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ramas 10 years ago great > I liked omi in the start as I like all spcial children,
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shanti05 10 years ago I want him to be normal He is a good looking guy Pls creatives make him normal in 12/24 KB
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aishwaryagayen 10 years ago atleast he cconfessed he is seeing someone good
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CrazyChatterbox 10 years ago ravi is seeing someone? sad.. ab kitni ladkiyon ka dil toot jaayega.. lol
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yipee 10 years ago nice interview...he looks so diff in the pics here...all the best to him for his career
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