I belong to the stage, not films: Isha Sharvani

Gurgaon, Feb 4 (IANS) Isha Sharvani has no regrets about having no films in her kitty because the actress says she actually belongs to the stage.

Gurgaon, Feb 4 (IANS) Isha Sharvani has no regrets about having no films in her kitty because the actress says she actually belongs to the stage.

'I have no films on hand right now. It is dancing over acting for me any day and if I were to be perfectly honest, I'd say I only belong to the stage. This is where I am meant to be,' Isha, who is an expert in aerial dance, told IANS.

She has been learning various dance forms since the age of seven and impressed with her flawless dancing moves in films like 'Kisna' and 'Luck By Chance'.

Isha was here last week to give a sneak preview into a Bollywood musical in which she will be playing one of the leads. The musical will be staged every day at the Kingdom of Dreams, an upcoming entertainment destination that will be open to the public in May.

The 25-year-old says she immediately agreed for the musical after seeing the well-equipped stage at the property's Nautanki Mahal. According to officials, 60 percent of the stage is made up of hydraulic lifts and 4-D technology will be used during the performance.

'I actually saw the stage first and as a performing artist I couldn't believe it. There are lots of people in India who wish to do aerial stuff but something or the other is missing. But everything is possible on this stage. It's a dream come true for me,' she said.

Asked if she feels scared performing dangerous stunts in the air on a hoopla, Isha said: 'I actually feel intensely calm. I think when you are doing something extremely scary or something which has a very high risk involved, people often think your adrenaline must be pumping. It actually pumps before, but when you are doing it, it needs intense concentration, so you are very calm.'

Though she already does some stunning aerial performances, Isha is preparing herself for the musical.

'I practice eight hours everyday. This musical is going to be very demanding physically. I will be absolutely pushing my limits. We have an international expert helping us in choreographing aerial sequences as well some awesome stunts by ace action director Alan Amin. So I am really looking forward to push the envelope in terms of my physicality,' she said.

To be a part of this project, Isha will have to shift base to the capital for two months and she is totally kicked about it.

'I was told I'll be shifting to Delhi - so I was totally up for it. I am excited. I spent the first seven years of my life in Delhi. And my parents started wandering off due to work, so we ended up in Kerala. Now I am looking forward to coming back to Delhi and experiencing the four seasons,' she said.

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