Anupamaa: Anupama escorts Toshu to the police, warning Vanraj not to intervene

Anupamaa written update, 27 March 2024: Anupama warns Vanraj that if he doesn't step aside, she'll report his support for Toshu to the police, risking both of their arrests.

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Anupamaa: Anupama escorts Toshu to the police, warning Vanraj not to intervene
Vanraj and Anupama from Anupamaa. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Titu is about to apply colour on Dimple (Nishi Saxena) when Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) abruptly intervenes, shoving Titu aside. Consequently, the colour meant for Dimple's cheeks adorns her forehead as Titu stumbles to the ground. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) swiftly comes to Titu's aid, urging him to leave the scene. Vanraj, in a fit of rage, threatens Titu's life, warning Anupama not to intervene further. Titu glances sorrowfully at Dimple before complying with Anupama's request and departing. 

Anupama, meanwhile, expresses concern over strategising to bring Toshu back. Babu ji urges Vanraj to depart, and Yashdeep inquires about Anupama's well-being, to which she admits feeling overwhelmed by the rapid events unfolding around her. She mentions the success of the spice and chutney stall, attributing it to Vikram Bhai Chaat and Pani Puri. 

Yashdeep, seeking permission, applies colour to Anupama's face, acknowledging the festive occasion of Holi. Anupama reciprocates the gesture, allowing Yashdeep to colour her face. Unfortunately, Anuj and Vanraj witness this exchange, leaving them visibly upset and shocked.

Anupama confronts Toshu:

Amidst the chaos, Anupama spots a figure approaching Kinjal and Pari with a coloured face. She intercepts him, grasping his hand firmly as he attempts to flee. With Anuj's assistance, she manages to restrain him and subsequently splashes water on his face, revealing him to be Toshu. Kinjal and Pari react with shock, the latter rushing to embrace Toshu, pleading with him not to leave again. Anupama redirects Pari's attention, urging her to enjoy chaat. As Toshu approaches Kinjal, she confronts him about his actions, expressing her disappointment. Anupama then discloses her involvement in orchestrating Toshu's return, emphasising her faith in his love for Pari and Kinjal.

Despite his attempts to escape, Anupama's stern call halts Toshu in his tracks. She confronts him, recounting the pain he inflicted upon her during her pregnancy and questioning his betrayal. Anupama demands answers, questioning the values she instilled in him. Toshu admits his fear of deportation and pleads for assistance. 

Anupama warns Vanraj:

Unyielding, Anupama resolves to take him to the police station, symbolically tethering him with her pallu. Vanraj attempts to intervene, advocating forgiveness, but Anupama remains resolute, determined to uphold justice. She rebuffs Vanraj's plea, citing the humiliation she endured in the past. Vanraj presses Anuj to intervene, questioning if he would send Aadhya to jail for wrongdoing. Anuj distinguishes between misbehaviour and crime. Vanraj equates Toshu and Aadhya's actions, citing their shared impact on Anupama. Anuj highlights Anupama's past humiliation in lockup. Vanraj urges Anupama to persuade Anuj to retract the case. Anupama refuses, insisting on Toshu's guilt and her pursuit of justice. She warns Vanraj of police involvement if he obstructs her.

Precap for the next episode:

In the upcoming episode, Anupama's determination to uphold justice leads her to drag Toshu toward the police station despite protests. Meanwhile, Pari's friends discuss her father's incarceration, prompting Anuj to overhear their conversation. Pakhi challenges Anupama's parenting, to which Anupama responds confidently, asserting her identity as a devoted mother.

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