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'I believe in simple but unique dressing' - Kunal Verma

Kunal Verma who plays the dashing Yugandhar in Tuj Sang Preet... talks about his style of dressing and his fashion mantra..

What is Fashion to you?
Fashion for me is being comfortable in whatever I wear, but one should have the right attitude to carry it comfortably.

How important is fashion to you?
Fashion is not very important, but I make sure that whatever I wear is comfortable. I believe in simple but unique dressing.

How much has your fashion sense undergone a change since your college days?
When I was in 11th standard, I used to dress up like stupid, but slowly I improved my sense of dressing with valuable tips coming from my friends, and now my friends tell me that I have a good dressing sense (grins)
Your favorite color?
Is your wardrobe filled with the same colors?
Yes, I have too many black colored shirts and t-shirts in my wardrobe. But at the same time, I also have different collection of colors in my wardrobe.
Who is your favorite designer?
Manish Malhotra; I would love to have his collection.
Any celebrity you would love to dress?
I would love to dress up Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif.
You are comfortable in?
Jeans and T-shirts.
What's your favorite onscreen outfit?
Shirt and Formal Pants, I love to wear different types of shirts though. 

A fashion tip for readers?
Be simple in your choice, as simplicity is the best fashion tip to follow. Also wear what you are comfortable in.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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tomnjerry2 11 years ago i think people(media) have only one pic of this guy !!!! i can see this pic in every article abt him !!!!!!!! lol
-mya- 11 years ago m totally in luv wid kunal n vrinda aka YuVi.
-mya- 11 years ago wow..thankx...nice artical....gud to hear fm kunal...!!lup him.
*shilpa*karan* 11 years ago nyc artical and ma fav colour is black as well and i got lots of black clothes in ma wardrobe as well
laddi100 11 years ago 0h waht a lytle cutiie ... he''ll suit anii thin he wearz ...
TaAnu_Premeer 11 years ago thanks nice article
Kunal iz looking dashing muah
shabs_89 11 years ago hey...he seems quite nice in this interview...and simple...i also agree with wot he he has sed bout comfortable and dress simple!

=) tc ppl n thnx for the article!
sunshine. 11 years ago thanks!! completely agree with him on the simple but unique part...and on another note, he''s soooo cute :)...
mimi0295 11 years ago aweee Kunal! He''s amazing, and I agree; ''but one should have the right attitude to carry it comfortably. ''
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