I am playing a full fledged comedy role for the very first time - Samiksha Bhatnagar

Actress Samiksha Bhatnagar talks about her character in Peterson Hill and more with us.

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Actress Samiksha Bhatnagar who has been seen in many shows like Veera, Uttaran and lately being Baal Veer will be seen in a different role altogether in SAB TV's Peterson Hill. While Samiksha has always essayed serious roles, in this show she will be experimenting with a comedy genre.

In conversation with us, Samiksha talks about her character, comedy show and more...

Tell us something about you character in Peterson Hill?

My character name is Jwala Joshi who is a Ticket checker by profession. She is very stylish and and fun loving woman. Basically she is looking for a perfect man with whom she can marry and settle in her life.

Jwala is a very innocent person in the show though her name sounds like very rude and aggressive. She shares a good bond with station master with whom she shares all her emotions of life because he is the only person who is very close to her. This is a very interesting character different from the characters I have played so far and I am playing such kind of a character for the first time. Other than that I have played many saas bahu type roles which has its own fun. But this is the first time I am playing a full- fledged comedy role and I am sure it will be fun.

Which character is more difficult to portray -  Comedy role or Drama oriented?

There is a vast difference in paying serious role and a comedy role. In daily soaps you know that saas will come and she will insult the bahu then there will be fight and rona dhona by using lots of glycerin. I have done lots of such role, and so somewhere I can make out that what is the demand of scene and how I have to enact it.

But here when I was given the narration, I thought that how I will be able to do it because to do a comedy role is not easy trust me. To make people laugh is a very big thing and that shouldn't look fake. I would like to tell you about Ashwini sir and I have worked with many directors who are amazing at their work but working with Ashwini sir makes me feel that I am facing camera for the first time. He changes the scene and does the changes on the spot because he wants comedy. The main advantage in this show is that all the actors are trained as they come from a theater background, so working with them is really fun because a scene is not made by one person. So the coordination is very important.

What made you take up this show and what do you like about your character?

Initially when I was narrated about this character, I was not able to understand it completely. So I said that I will have to understand the story and character first and only then I will take the decision because I can't take up shows only for the sake of doing it. Then Ashwini sir gave me the narration and after listening about the character, I immediately said Yes. Because for the first a woman will be seen as a TC  in the show and then Jwala Joshi the name itself is so impressive.

Is there any particular dialogue or habit of Jwala Joshi?

After every dialogue she says 'Sahi Hai' with different tones and expressions. If she cries then Sahi Hai, if she laughs then Sahi Hai, if she likes someone then Sahi Hai and so on.

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