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'I am not in favour of Gaali Galoch' - Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, the Baadshah of Bollywood is back on television with Imagine's new reality show, Zor Ka Jhatka. Here is the actor in conversation..

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Imagine will kick-start the New Year in style with the world's biggest obstacle mega-show, Zor Ka Jhatka with the impeccable host Shah Rukh Khan who will provide his funny, witty and at times nasty commentary on the proceedings. SRK is back on television after a hiatus  with the show that will put to stake a huge prize money worth Rs. 1.5 crores, including a mega cash prize of Rs. 50 lakhs for the winner of the Finale.

Shah Rukh Khan had a gala time when he met the media and addressed their queries regarding the show, his comeback to TV and much more..

Shahrukh, you are back on small screen after a long time. How is the feeling?
I am feeling very healthy as I am back from where I actually started my journey. It is always a homely feeling to entertain people on TV. I was not in a proper condition after my movie 'My Name Is Khan'; I was bit depressed after sustaining lot of injuries. Now that I am back after a break, I feel energetic and am looking forward to entertaining people in my own style.

Tell us about Zor Ka Jhatka?
The show is a very weird kind, something similar to what I am, a little bit funny just like me, and also involves bit of craziness like what I have within me (smiles). Apart from that, there are going to be 28 contestants who will take part in the show and I will guide them. In addition to that, I will encourage them too, will scold if needed, and will be funny based on the situation. There is going to be no elimination, the one who is tough will win the game.

What do you expect from the show, will this show be a family entertainer?
Usually I don't take up shows that do not provide entertainment to families. I am a bedroom entertainer, and believe in shows where the whole family can sit and enjoy with everyone. I am a family guy and I know the restriction and rules which should be followed by one.

Why Imagine?
Sameer Nair is a very good friend of mine. When I started off with KBC it was with Sameer, so I have this personal attachment.

Would you be trying out some stunts?
The show is all about water and I am someone who avoids getting near water. Had it been on land, I would have definitely given it a go.

Why do you think viewers should watch Zor Ka Jhatka?
There is no brainstorming sessions out here, it is simple easy viewing. Our show is very safe and our participants would be really funny. I am sure they will do everything to prove that they are idiots. I will try to be as nice as possible.

The show is a replica of the show Takeshi's Castle which is hosted by Javed Jafrey, do you think you can reach that level of comedy?
No, I will entertain people in my own way. Javed is my friend and he has a great sense of humor. His talking style is something which makes audience go crazy, I won't do the same that Javed does, but will try my best to entertain my audience to the fullest.

After making a big name in Bollywood, don't you feel bad to come back to the small screen?
No, I never feel bad or dejected because I believe in entertaining people, whether it be on small screen, big screen or on the stage. I even dance in my bathroom; the platform does not matter for me. People sometimes say 'Shahrukh nachke bata na…' and I do it because I purely believe in performing and entertaining people.

Nowadays, reality shows adapt to controversies to increase its ratings. How far will this show go to get popular?
As I said before, I am a family guy and I won't allow any bad comments and odd behavior in the show and I will also abstain from such things. If someone is indulging in it I won't entertain the person, I am not in favour of Gali Galoch, I believe I am a dignified person.

So what your role be in the show?
I will be an anchor, will be the story teller will also be the guru in the show. Apart from that my major lookout will be to entertain the audience.

Many big celebs are in to TV now, so what's your take on the competition  on small screen?
That's great that big celebs are in to TV now, as I think this is the only medium to reach out to a large number of audience. And to talk about the competition, I believe in healthy competition.

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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Shipra_S 10 years ago it's based on Takeshi's Castle!, looking forward to Wipe Out now!Big smile
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yipee 10 years ago cool...all the best to looks good:)
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pooja_l 10 years ago looking forward to the show, wipteout is one show i totally love

hope srk makes a good host
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Vartika07 10 years ago That's y ur SRK (Super Rocking Khan) and we love u dear.
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Tinacool 10 years ago He is a true ROCK STAR SRK and as usual he is going to do it again. I am a huge fan of Wipe out and hopefully the Desi version will meet expectations and is as entertaining as its international counterpart.
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-rajsua- 10 years ago love u SRK

waiting 4 this show
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tulipbaby53 10 years ago SRK rocks! Wish him well for 2011 and his new show!! :D
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Shaina_b 10 years ago He is the best!!!!

Great to see him in Television again!!!!

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Milii 10 years ago Shahrukh...u r the bestttttt...

Looking forward to this show...
I'm sure...u'll rock!!
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RoyalLEO_Krrish 10 years ago Yup! He has it on FB as well! :D I love the actual VDO of it! Way to go SRK!
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