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'I am not dating anyone' - Gaurav Khanna

Gaurav Khanna, who will be essaying Prem in Zee TV's Dil Se Diya Vachan shares his experience about the show

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TellyBuzz was the first to report about Gaurav Khanna entering a new show on Zee TV named 'Dil Se Diya Vachan'.

The talented actor will essay yet another chirpy role, and at the outset, Gaurav shares his feelings with TellyBuzz...

Gaurav tell us about your character in the show?
Well, my character is of crucial importance and being the lead of the show, the personality is very adorable. I am essaying the role of 'Prem' who is very lovable, a naughty guy who is very free with his parents, where he calls his dad as pops and mom as Momsi. He even teases his mom by saying, Hey Sexy! But on other hand he has complete respect for his parents. His parents also know about his mischievous behavior.

How far can you relate your off screen personality with your onscreen character?
Frankly speaking 60 % of the qualities from character Prem, matches with me as even I behave in the same manner with my parents. I keep my hand on my father's shoulder mischievously and make a deal or may simply have a funny talk.

What about the remaining 40%?
Well, there are few aspects of Prem which do not match with mine. That is something which makes me different than Prem. I don't agree with some portions of Prem.

How is your experience while working with the veterans?

It is good to work with such great personalities. Actually till now, I have been working with many new comers. For this show I am blessed to be in the midst of veteran actors, and I am happy to get them. Apart from being so senior to me they are very warm and down to earth, and I am impressed.

So do you take any kind of acting tips from them?
Yes, I do, even when I was working for my previous show, I used to ask for acting tips if I ever felt comfortable with a particular scene, and even here I do the same. I personally approach everyone and ask for some tips to improve. Not only the actors, but even if viewers don't like anything in my acting, they can send their tips for me. I am happy to follow those tips. I would be always ready to learn more for my acting.

How is your off screen chemistry with the lead Vandana Joshi?
It is fun, we both share a good rapport and as I said, I have always been launched with new comers. Even here, my co-actor is a new face to the acting world, so we both share acting tips and discuss.

If not acting what would you choose as a career?

I was approached by a producer in a gym, when I was working hard for my M.B.A exams. So if not acting I would have been a businessman. Actually I had many plans for my career, but my destiny brought me to this field.

Can you elaborate on the history of being approached in a gym?
(Laughs), well I was working out in a gym when a Producer thought I was a model and he gave me the proposal of acting in his show. During that time I was studying and I thought it to be a nice chance to earn and learn because I wanted money for my M.B.A studies. This is how I entered the industry.

So now would you like to go back again to be a businessman, leaving acting industry?
Who says that an actor can't be a businessman? I can simultaneously do well with my acting and the business which I choose. There are many such actors who have their own business and are doing well equally in their acting careers too.

If given a chance would you step into Bollywood?
Actually I have plans to step into Bollywood, but the thing is that before going to Bollywood, I want to justify myself on small screen. Once I get more popular with small screen and my acting, I will surely give it a thought to enter Bollywood.

Tell us about your fan following?
I totally respect fans as they are the ones who make normal persons a celebrity. They are the ones because of whom we get popular. Fans are very intelligent as they know where and how to behave with the celebrity. They don't get crazy behind actors as they used to do before.

Are you dating someone, when will be the right time to get married?
No, I am not dating any one right now and I have no plans to get married soon. May be after 2 years I will plan to get married. But as of now I have not given it a thought.

What kind of a girl do you want?
I want a simple, independent and a working girl. Apart from all this I should not forget to say that she should be a good cook in the first place.

Any message to your fans!
I would love to wish all my fans and readers a happy Navratri. Thanks for loving me.

Author and Reporter: Tejashree Bhopatkar



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Ann_92 10 years ago mising u as prithvi soooo much...luv u loads....u r de best
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radhika_2001 10 years ago love uuuu a lot gaurav..u r the best...dont worry...i know how to wont have any problem with me..hahaha
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GauravsDbest 10 years ago loooooooooooooveeeeee u d most gaurav!!!u r truly d bestEST!!!remain d way u r, please!!!and take ur time to choose "the one" :)
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MrsBellamyBlake 10 years ago All the best for your new show !! Love you !!!
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gauchaforever 10 years ago missing love ne mila di jodi & gaucha lotz.plz come back with chandana.all the best for your new show.but pls come together with guys are truly supab.
gaucha forever.
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shraddha.bhatt 10 years ago love u GK....loooking fwd to DSDV now...
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Eksie 10 years ago Love ya Gaurav!! All the best for DSDV.. You're gonna ROCK as Prem!!! Looking forward to the show :)

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chandanaforever 10 years ago you should be with chandana both of you rock & made for each plz come back with chandana.chandana is damm gorgious ,independent & good in she is totaly perfect for you.none elase in this whole world.
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neha.pralay 10 years ago Love u Gaurav...ur interview was sweetnesss personified
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AshVikrocks 10 years ago gaurav...start dating Y___ yaar....itni bhi deri kyun.....:-))
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