I am not averse to the idea of live-in relationship'- Amrita prakash

The beautiful Amrita Prakash opens up in a candid tete-tete with IF reporter Minnie on her role and what she likes as a person.

The adorable and traditional 'Choti' of the mega hit movie 'Vivah' is now a days being seen portraying the role of a glamorous and individualistic woman who has a live in relationship with her boyfriend in the serial "Har Ghar kuch Kehta hai'. She has been been shown as temperamental, stubborn and unconventional, doing everything that a normal TV heroine is not supposed to do, like being into drugs and alcohol, yet the character is not nagative. So what made her take up this role?
'I took up this role because this was the first time I was getting to play my own age. Till date I have played very kiddish roles,' explains the expressive actress. "I am only 19, so I did not want to play the typical bahu character complete with saris and mangalsutras. This is a role as near to real life as could be. So I had no hesitation in taking up the role.'

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'Besides,' she continues, ' my role in Vivah as Choti was a completely deglamorous, simplistic, and of someone I really didn't identify with, other than the fact that Choti too was a very strong character. So when Sanskriti came my way, I was really happy as it was a complete contrast and I was getting to play an out and out glamorous role.'
So does she really relate to Snaskriti, we ask. " Not really,' she laughs charmingly. "The only streak that I share with her is that just like Sanskriti, I too am very stubborn. Other than that, there is relatively little that I share with her.'
What else did she like about the role? ' One thing that is good is that inspite of playing a modern high society girl, the character is not negative. Normally, all positive qualities are associated with girls like Prarthna, but in case of a character like Sanskriti, normally it would be full of negative traits. Thankfully, Sanskriti is completely positive. As I said, a very normal girl, who has her vices, does unconventional things, but is a nice girl at heart.'
Touching on the live in relationship, we ask whether she agrees to the concept. ' I am not at all against the concept. If two people decide to go for it, it's their choice and we should respect that. Today the equations between the couples have changed dramatically, and I suppose this too has evolved as a part of the changing equation,' she opines reflectively.
So would she herself do it? ' See, I am not against it,' she replies after giving it a thought. 'It's way too early for me to say what I would do. I probably am not in a position to say right now, and to be honest, personally I am not sure if I would do it for myself,' she opines honestly.
So would we be looking at a complete metamorphosis of Sanskriti, giving up her 'vices' and becoming the traditional girl? ' I seriously hope not. The character is different, and I hope it stays that way,' the dimpled beauty signs off.
We too hope that the character of Sanskriti retains it's originality, rather than blend into the crowd to 'fit in'.
Reporter: Minnie Gupta
Author: Minnie Gupta

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she was great in Vivah...I cant wait to see this show in US thanks for the article

16 years ago

the show hasn't started here in the US, eagerly waiting to see... seems interesting!

16 years ago


shes prett

thanxs ~~
( ''_'' )

16 years ago

one amazing actress for sure...i wish her all the best

16 years ago

thanks...well shez really a sweet princess..i love her role as sanskriti!!

16 years ago

OMG 100% Princess...my thoughts exactly...I loved her in Tum Bin and how the whole brother thing went when th dude was like I hope u can consider me ur bro, and she was like i already do...that scene was soo cute!!!

16 years ago

oMG she grew up soo much through the years. I remember her in tum bin soo adorable. look at her now soo mature and grown up.

16 years ago

Can't wait til the show starts in USA!..it seems very interesting!..no indian show til date has portrayed a teen as a lead especially not with a live-in relation!..

Amrita is soo cutee!..i remember watching her in Tum Bin..she's such a good dancer!

16 years ago

wonderful article....thx for sharin :)

16 years ago

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