I am not an adhered actor I am a spontaneous actor: Narayani Shastri

Narayani Shastri shastri shared about her character and how she prepared for it he role.

Television's popular actress Narayani Shastri who has really wooed the audience with her outstanding work.

The actress has seen taking up different and challenging role and one such example is the role which she is essaying on her current show Piya Rangrezz on Life OK.

We got in touch with the actress to know about her inspiration for the role and more.

How did you prepare yourself to play such a powerful and a character which you have never played before?

I didn't actually prepare for it, when I read the script; it automatically comes in mind that how I have to enact it. I am not an adhered actor I am spontaneous, so when I read a script it automatically happens.

As an actor we all keep on growing by taking inspiration from other talented actors from our industry. In fact I would say the industry is an inspiration, but particularly no one.

When this character happened to you, what was the first thought which came in your mind?

I thought that I am blessed in disguised, because I take up very less work, I take up work which really excites me. My last show was Phir Subha Hogi, which again was a beautiful character. She was a very emotional, delicate, family oriented lady and she had too many shades. So I was lucky enough that these people called me and it just clicked when I read the script. I go by my guts and so I knew I that I will be able to do it.

After watching you first episode, where you satisfied with the work you did in this show?

I am really critical about myself and was not really satisfied with my first scene. But now as you must have seen in later episodes, there was a huge performance difference. I have gotten into the character completely and now I am Bhanvri Dev. But the first scene is always imperfect because there you are trying to judge yourself that can I talk like that, can I make that face or so, in your mind all that goes on. But now it's all done and all the polishing is over.

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Comments (6)

amazing actress just loving u as bhavri devi. truly flawless cnt believe she could ever feel her work wasn't

9 years ago

Narayani really doing a fab job...
Love all the team of piyaa rangrezz !!

9 years ago

Narayani, you're doing great as BD. I find it hard to believe at times that you played a sweet, sacrificial Rimjhim in Piya Ka Ghar, years ago. But kudos to you! Love your acting & in love with the show. Great job!

9 years ago

You da Rockstar Ms.Shastri and the pivot of the show! Uber-awed n the showz fab!! Kudos to the cast and the creative TEAM. V well put together. Hope it will stay like this and not fall into "inserting scenes" to cater to da idiotic auds who are too much into Jodi-Jodi biz. I like this a lot better where romance is in the air and not in your face AND there is actually a well narrated story! Please ask the CVs to stick to the storyline. Is it true that this serial is inspired by 'A thousand Splendid suns'?
Again, fab job. (y) <3<3

9 years ago

she is amazing actress...and show is doing jus so fab...m loing it badly..

9 years ago

Just luving u as Bhanvri Devi...u rock Narayani...

9 years ago

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