'I am No Saint as far as Women are Concerned': When Vinod Khanna made Startling Statements about Needing Physical Pleasures

Flashback Friday: When Vinod Khanna said that he is not a saint and needs physical pleasures and people should not object to him being with women...

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Vinod Khanna was one of the most popular actors back in the ‘80s and his life was quite an intriguing one. The actor had been quite successful back then when suddenly, he walked away from the film industry to explore spirituality with Osho and shifted to Rajneeshpuram in the US in 1982 at the peak of his stardom.

He had given some hits like Amar Akbar Anthony, The Burning Train, Mere Apne. The actor was also very open about his views on sex, and in an old interview, he spoke about it.

An old video of Vinod Khanna is circulating on social media and shows him smoking a cigarette while airing his views on sex and how he is no saint and needs sex just as much as anyone else.

He also said that people should not object to him being with women. In the video, Vindo Khanna says, “Well, I was a bachelor and I am no saint as far as women are concerned. I need sex as much as anybody else does. Without women we won’t be here, without sex we won’t be here, so why should anybody object to my being with women.”

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After his time in Rajneeshpuram, Vinod Khanna returned to the film industry in 1987 and went on to star in hit films such as Hulchul, Satyamev Jayate. He later joined politics in 1997 and had a successful career in that as well, having triumphed in four Lok Sabha polls. The actor passed away in a Mumbai hospital on 27th April 2017 but is remembered till date for all the astounding roles he played.

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looks like u have nothing to post than scooping old articles abt a departed person and posting such an insensitive and callous one at it

3 years ago

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