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'I am in a relationship', admits Shilpa Shinde

Although the actress refused to reveal the name of her man, she confirmed that she's in love...

It came as a big surprise to Tellybuzz when Shilpa Shinde who became a household name after her stint in Zee TV's Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka, disclosed a personal secret. Shilpa is now back with SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar and will try her hands on a comedy genre this time.

"My current status would be 'in a relationship'. I am dating someone. I can't reveal his name but yes, we are together," gushed Shilpa when asked about her relationship status.
When questioned about her current equation with actor Romit Raj as they called off their marriage due to some personal differences at one point, Shilpa said, "It's my past and past never comes back. It's gone. There is no use talking about past issues."

Clearly, Shilpa has put her bitter experiences behind and moved on to make beautiful memories... 

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Megha Bissa


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chanra 8 years ago u rock in chidiya ghar as compared to other female costar.they overact in serial &spoilit.
RamKiSeeta 8 years ago You are doing great in Chidiya Ghar, Shilpa, keep up the amazing work!
sanw 8 years ago happy to know she has moved on. may she get all the happiness she desires
princessRock776 8 years ago oh! I am so happy she found some happiness in her life! way to go Shilpa!
indiechic 8 years ago i loved soni and jeet! i always wished they'd get married even though maayka ended jeet and soni would always be together. glad she's finally acting again!
Yuvika_15 8 years ago sometimes ur past does come bk 2 haunt u..LOL..
i seriously thrt they gt married (romit n shilpa)
choudhary.a 11 years ago Bloody Drama Queen, all she wants is attention, if she was being treated then y did shot not call the police, but no she runs to mahesh butt, and wat could he do, i mean he was in india while she was in Pak.

anyway like PinkLady09 said"u have to repay thier deeds n this life"
PinkLady09 11 years ago HoRe!!!! there's a saying ' u have to repay thier deeds n this life'
Dua143 11 years ago not Reema she is Meeraa .... but ya i agree wid u she should call Aisf Zaradri
sonia bajwa
sonia bajwa 11 years ago Calling Mahesh Bhatt for help.Cmon Reema.You should call asif Zardari
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