'I always have food fights on sets' - Sonia Singh

Sonia Singh the strict Dr. Kirti of Dill Mill Gayye talks of her love for food...

Are you a Vegetarian or a non vegetarian?
I am a hard core non-vegetarian. I love to have non veg food.

Which dish do you like the most in Non Veg?
Tandoori Chicken and all Prawn dishes.

Is there any food that you would not eat as a child, but eat now?
Yes when I was a child I never liked to have Prawns because of the insect look, but now I like it very much.

Which part of Indian cuisine fascinates you the most?
I am basically from North India but I love all the cuisine the most. I like Chole Bature of Delhi and there is one place in Jammu called Pida where we get mouth watering Rajma Chawal. Whenever I visit that hill station I have it. 

What is your favorite 'Ghar Ka Khana'?
I like to have Rajma Chawal and Dal Makhani a lot.

What is the most expensive restaurant you have been to?
I went to J W Marriot for my B'day with my friend and that was the most expensive food I had.

What's your normal food schedule in a day?
My day starts with a cup of juice. I stay with my husband in Mumbai, and my tough schedule does not allow me to cook daily. But whenever I get time, I make food; but usually order food from outside. I always have a sumptuous lunch and then skip dinner and just have a glass of milk before I hit the bed.

Do you drink alcohol?
Yes I drink but occasionally. Mostly I have Vodka.

Any embarrassing situation you faced while eating your food?
No never have I got into any weird situation when it comes to food.

Do you like to cook?
Yes I like to cook but occasionally though!!

What type of dish do you like to cook?
I like to cook chicken and I make good mouth-watering sweet dishes like Kheer and Gajar Ka halwa. 

Do you have food fights?
Not exactly but yes as a child I was very shy but even that did not stop me from fighting for food. Even on the sets, we do get hunger pangs when someone gets ghar ka khana. On Dill Mill Gayye sets, Ayaaz usually brings food from home and we all attack on his box. In Kumkum sets too, I used to attack on Juhi's tiffin.

Have you ever had problems with weight?
It happens whenever I go to my mom's place as she always feels I am weak and she goes on feeding me.  But I manage to control myself somehow.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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she is sweet and beautifull i hope she gain all of success in her life.

15 years ago

tis movie is awesome....
i loved it sooo much....
i watched it like 3-4 times...
it can never get old ;]

15 years ago

this movie is awesome im telling you guys this movie is full time paisa vasool watch it dont miss this movie too good. Great story, great plot, great suspense, great climax, and fabulous ending. Great movie i luve Saif,Bips, Katrina and Akshay in this movie all were mindblowing

16 years ago

Awesome movie.full of entertainment.
dont miss it.movies like this dont come often.every character has its own importance.etc etc..such a nice movie.again dont miss it.

16 years ago

where is sameera reddy?..isn't she a part of this movie..

16 years ago

good article i must say she has a balanced diet

15 years ago

Hey guys, did u knw that Sonia Singh was nominated as Best Actress in 'Star Parivaar Awards' for her role in KK as Antara..... She was also nominated for her role in Shhh KOI HAI on Sony TV in ITA (Indian Tele Awards)...

15 years ago

lemme inform u that Ayaz is Dr.Shubhankar...fantastic article,jus luv it...

15 years ago

omg i luv rajma chawal adn dal makhani too!!!! lmaoo

15 years ago

that is scary.. sonia singh a foodaholic..lol. i didnt think she ate that much..lol

and which one is ayaaz..i only know their charecter name, not real name..lol

15 years ago

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