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Human: Shefali Shah is an absolute star performer in a story that leaves you captivated in multiple ways

(3.5/5) Human on Disney+ Hotstar is directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Mozez Singh, the series features an ensemble cast of Shefali Shah, Kirti Kulhari, Vishal Jethwa, Ram Kapoor, Seema Biswas, Aditya Srivastava and Mohan Agashe, among others.

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Human on Disney+ Hotstar review

The OTT space is booming with absolutely great content, also giving us some of the finest performances. And now, Human on Disney+ Hotstar is the latest web series to have created a stir, and rightly so. Directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Mozez Singh, the series features an ensemble cast of Shefali Shah, Kirti Kulhari, Vishal Jethwa, Ram Kapoor, Seema Biswas, Aditya Srivastava and Mohan Agashe, among others.

The fictional series enunciates the collateral damage due to fast tracked drug trials for financial gains in a gripping tale that involves innocent lives lost to greed. Touching compelling themes like the value of human life, medical malpractice, class divide and ramifications of a fast-paced medical science, Human brings forth the greed to make money in a compelling tale of power struggles, secretive pasts, trauma and murders. 

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We at India Forums got a chance to catch up on the series ahead of everyone else and it is safe to say that we binged it in no time and how! One night is all it took to finish the show up in just one sitting. 


Shefali shah

Shefali as Dr. Gauri Nath, is an absolute vibe and a sight to behold in every scene that she is in. Shefali has managed to create a mark for herself and this performance, has only taken things a notch higher and how. On the face of it, she's a certain kind of person, but there are so many layers to her, and no one could've got it like she did, and also so effortlessly. Without giving out spoilers, there are scenes you know could've gone wrong, but she manages to make them subtle but also impactful. She is truly the star performer, one that you can't get enough of.

Next up, we also have Kirti as Dr. Saira Sabarwal, and she is also likeable and how. While she could be your goody two shoes in most aspects, but she has her secrets but she also justifies those things. Her character is relatable at more levels than one and she gets the antics right and how. 

Every character in the show, be it Seema or Aditya or Ram or Vishal, they all give strong performances, and they know the character like the back of their hands - another really beautiful thing about the show. Seema and Aditya make you hate them, and though you might find it difficult to understand the motive behind those things, it just makes sense with how you see things pan out.

Vishal, is another show stealer and once again, manages to prove why he deserves the role. Everyone in the show is a perfect fit for the role, and their performances speak for themselves just fine.

The Good

Kirti kulhari

The story is truly the king (or we might want to call it the Queen) for this show, and the writing, for major parts is beautiful, without any flaws, if we might say. The impact that every scene has, the high point that every episode leaves you with, it is everything you want in a thriller. Though the thriller space is a little too crowded, this medical thriller stands apart and holds its ground. Every single twist in the show is absolutely unexpected, and backed by strong performances, it only adds to the entire look and feel. 

The show has been shot well and some scenes stay, so do so many instances. The show tries to touch upon a couple of causes here and there too, one of them being about those belonging to the LGBTQia+, and also the struggles of those belonging to lower-middle class families, and of course, then there is the issue of capitalism too, one that is show in more than one ways, and obviously make you question so many things. The show has been shoot and edited well, following all the basics and add to the watching experience just fine.

The Not so Good

While it may sound contradictory, there are a couple of flaws that lie in the show. Though the story is intriguing, and you enjoy watching it because it explores on various potentially interesting subjects, it does not justify and have a proper backstory to everything. As a sensible viewer, you don't want to indulge in mindless watching and anything that wouldn't be anything close to reality. Those nurses, for instance, or even how things function smoothly until the very end, when things are meant to fall apart. 


Not free of loopholes but also not an absolute bummer, Human on Disney+ Hotstar impresses you for a major part of the show. While it keeps you hooked, it also leaves you with a bunch of questions that you know won't have answers, and probably not even make sense. However, it is the performances that win you over.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Ram Kapoor Shefali Shah Kirti Kulhari Hotstar 

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