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'Hum chaar' DEPICTS true friendship although lacks reality

An all time entertainer which will make you believe in true friendship and the bond which will knock sense of nostalgia into you... (3/5)


Friendship is a bond which stays lifelong and friends are the ones who help you through thick and thin. The film features the story of 4 friends- Simran Sharma, Tushar Pandey, Anshuman Malhotra, Prit, Kamani; studying in medical college. No sooner the hardships start hitting them, the 4 friends fallout as they start facing difficulties in their own personal life. 

The film exemplifies friendship and the sweetness of the bond. With a unique storyline and all new addition of actors to B-town, the movie somehow keeps you entertained. Right from enjoying the candid gushing and feeling joy, this will surely remind you of your college days and the film which needs to be enjoyed with the right companionship. 

The debut actors have been a gem throughout the film as they constantly remind you of your bittersweet experiences with your friends and the fun you shared!

Anshuman Malhotra has been consistent since the first glimpse. His candid Expressions and he holds his characters native language very easily. Apart from that, Simran, Tushar, and Prit hold on to their characters really well. It's amazing to see debutant actors performing with such grace.

In conclusion, overall the film has been an entertainer even though there are some loopholes in the storyline which lacks reality. Still, it is worth your time and money. It reminds you of your personal friendships and the difficult times you faced along with your friends. You can easily connect to any one of the characters, that's what will make you nostalgic.

(Ratings- 3/5)
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