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Hrithik's all for power of mind!

Hrithik Roshan strongly believes, well, in the power of belief itself!

Published: Saturday,May 08, 2010 17:18 PM GMT-06:00
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Hrithik Roshan got healed of his knee injury against all odds, literally. When almost all of the doctors in Mumbai pronounced that he may have to use crutches for the rest of his life, he defied to believe in the negative words and kept a strong faith that he would one day emulate the dance steps for which he is now so popular.

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This has now made him like sort of an advocate for 'believe in the power of belief' ideology.

Hrithik tells us, "Before Kites happened, my knee was in a bad state. I went to doctors all over the place …about 40 doctors in Mumbai, alternative healers from the roadside to Finland. But the doctors said I would have to be on my crutches. I couldn't believe that my career as an actor would have such a sad ending. "

The situation got so desperate Hrithik considered giving up acting."I got busy weighing my other career options maybe  as a director or an actor. Because I didn't want to be an actor and not do justice to my dance sequences," he says.

"Later, dad told me about Kites and after Anurag had worked on it for two more months and narrated the script to me, it was like an answer to all my questions to God. I could see myself in those roles. I knew I had to do this onscreen.I started fighting against all odds to get well," the actor tells us.

"I believe what healed me is my perseverance. My belief. If you can see it in your head it will happen. Now I know that miracles are nothing but manifestations of your deepest desires," he signs off.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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