Housefull - Movie Review

A pile of lies form the base for this comedy; but truly doesn't garner so much laughter.

Cast: Akshay Kumar ,Deepika Padukone ,Lara Dutta ,Ritesh Deshmukh ,Boman Irani ,Arjun Rampal ,Randhir Kapoor

Director: Sajid Khan

Housefull  - Not so cool…

Arush(Akshay Kumar) is bestowed with bad luck which will be broken once he gets married to his true love. So with high hopes he proposes Pooja (Malaika), his girlfriend. But she turns him down because, she doesn't want to share his 'bad luck'. The poor lad gets dejected and decides to visit his best friend bob (Ritesh Deshmukh) who lives in London.

Bob is a dealer at a casino and his wife Hetal (Lara Dutta) is the waitress who comfortably struts around in shocking red playboy costume. The minute Arush lands up at Bob's place he proves he is going to be a huge prick. And Bob's wife Hetal, with good reason, wants him out of the house.  But thanks to a grand gesture and an emotional speech by Arush, Hetal decides it's not such a good idea to throw him out.

The protective and caring nature of Hetal and Bob inevitably make them matchmakers for Arush. When their boss, casino owner Kishore Samtani (Randhir Kapoor) expresses his wish to get his daughter Devika married to a 'good Indian boy', they spring in to action. They promptly get Arush to visit Kishore and in a matter of few minutes, the wedding is fixed between Arush and Devika.

The happily married couple cruise off to Italy where they are greeted by an 'Italian- sounding- gibberish- spewing' Akhri Pasta(Chunkey Pandey).  Arush's happiness over love-found doesn't last long as Devika, right after their wedding night, is seen kissing a white guy on the beach. Then Devika explains to Arush that Benny is the guy she is in love with and to get her father's property she had to marry an Indian guy. Apparently, out of the almost thirty guys her father made her see, she found Arush the most sweet. Read, stupid enough to be swatted off once her deal is done.

The dejected Arush goes to commit suicide and that's when his guardian angel springs into action and saves him in the form of Sandy(Deepika Padukone).  Once this suicide aversion thing is done, the buildup of lies begins.

Apparently, to save the love lives of the two leading couples. The train of lies makes everyone related to everyone except in the true sense. More and more characters right from  hetal's grandmother, landlady, Santa & Banta to queen Elizabeth start pouring in. The chaotic hen-chase ends with a speech by Arush in a grand setting delivered with a, umm, sort of a moronic expression.

Akshay Kumar is getting repetitive these days. There's not an ounce of reinvention when it comes to his portrayal of comic characters. Deepika Padukone manages to get off with a good enough performance. Lara Dutta and Ritesh Deshmukh make a cute couple and their chemistry is tangible. Arjun Rampal as the mean and overprotective big brother is cool. Boman Irani is smooth. Malaika's cameo performance screams for attention. Lilette Dubey is dramatic. Randhir Kapoor is flamboyant.


The location are splendid. Paris, London and Italy…have been captured stylishly. So stylish at times you feel you're watching a travel channel!

Both the leading ladies are looking gorgeous. They freely flaunt their shapely bodies all through the film and that provides for a good dose of eye-candy.

Genuine moments of humor in the film are there. They just can't be denied their due credit.


The film has several stretches of dullness.  The script could've gone through the crisper a few more times.

There are several re-cycled jokes and characters.
 Like when Boman asks Arjun how come he's taking bath with boys (like are you a homo?) so Arjun replies yes and then coolly adds, 'What's so shocking is I take bath with Lifebuoy soap?' Duh. That jokes done several rounds in the SMS circuit already. Boman's character reminds us of Kantaben from KHNH and Pasta reminds us of Dundee(Javed Jaffery) from Salaam Namaste.

The climax was just not happening.

Yes or No?

The film is an average entertainer and mainly caters to the college-bunking crowd.  If you're generous with your money for multiplexes, then probably you won't mind going for Housefull.


Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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