Hiten, Raja and Deepak in Rakhi Ka Swayamvar...

Hiten Tejwani, Raja Hassan and Deepak Singh turn mentors for friend Rakhi, and will be seen tutoring the potential grooms in acting, singing and dancing respectively..

Rakhi is one lucky lady to have some really good friends from the industry!

Hiten Tejwani, choreographer Deepak Singh and Singer Raja Hassan came to visit their dearest friend Rakhi in Fatehgarh. The boys certainly helped her to get one step closer in gauging the grooms in waiting. These celebrity guests aided 13 grooms to hone on their talents. Seasoned in their respective forte Hiten Tejwani honed the acting skills of Pranav and Kripal, whereas Deepak mentored the dancing talent of Elesh, Ali, Atirek, Manas, Raman and Chittiz whereas Raja Hassan helped understand nitty-gritty's of music to Kapil, Ather, Manmohan and Ashwin. 

Considering that Rakhi is a performer herself she did like to see glimpses of talent in her would be husband too. So the men of honor quickly split into three groups to give their performance of a life time. The shy Kapil Mathur from Jaipur surprised every one with a whole hearted interpretation of 'Choo Kar Mere Mann Ko' and Ather Parvez from Kashmir sang 'Main Shayar Toh Nahin' in the most romantic manner for Rakhi. Not so far was our NRI Guju boy, Elesh Parujanwala impressed every one with his Punjabi moves to 'Dil le Gayi Kudi'. Pranav Damle and Kripal Singh from Mumbai also wooed Rakhi with their acting skills…

Rakhi was really touched with Hiten's, Deepak's and Raja's presence on the show. An elated Hiten said "I know Rakhi for a long time and the fact that Swayamvar is an important decision for her and its great to help her identifying her Mr. Right. I could see love in their eyes for Rakhi."

Deepak who mentored all the prospective grooms who gave their dance performances said, "It was fun choreographing dance acts for these grooms in waiting. Some of these guys had never even performed on stage but the kind of enthusiasm that I have seen in them is really appreciable".

Raja who mentored the guys who chose to sing said, "We really had a great time in Fategarh. It was our honor to help Rakhi get the right match she wants. I really liked Manmohan, Luv and Elesh; they seemed to be very genuine and love Rakhi truly" .

Tune in on July 2nd to watch the three mentors in action only on NDTV Imagine's Rakhi Ka Swayamvar..

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Comments (26)

no comments about rakhi n her swayamvar :D
but I wul like to watch raja coz m his fan.. he sings so jabardast yaar .. lol!

14 years ago

Hehehe - People love these shows, but are unwilling to admit it.
It's entertainment after all. Chill and enjoy it, without taking it too seriously.

14 years ago

this proves my love for hiten i will watch stupid rakhi's show only for him

14 years ago

@:Khushboo - awww..i was also drooling n hiten after seeing the snaps yesterday..lol..so im also gonna 2 watch his episode only for him..would be awesome to see hiten n ram kapoor together as they r great buddies in real life too:)

14 years ago

OMG Hiten's looking soo HOT! <3
I dun watch it but will do so just for Hiten..he's looking delish *faints*

14 years ago

i will see this show just for hiten.gauri hiten rock.

14 years ago

i am very happy because my fav. actor hiten come in swayamvar. i am very excited.

14 years ago

love watching the show - interesting n funny!! keeps me glued

14 years ago

Luv Hits gesturers:-)nt 2 4get Ram n Hits r gr8 buddies..wil deffo gonna watch it 4 our Hiten:-)

14 years ago

mee too i will only watch this show for hiten , as i am not a big fan of rakhi, hiten is so humble , genuine and lovable person and not forgetting his amazing talent

14 years ago

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