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Gul Makai Review: The film is Everything except Malala's struggle!

The film has no sense of foundation as the director seems to go haywire in portraying the life of Malala Yousafzai. Let us just hope Malala hasn't seen this film (1.5/5)...


Gul makai narrates the story of young laureate - Malala who fought with the orthodox society with her knowledge. She is also known for standing up against the Taliban for the rights of women in Pakistan. 

The film fails to visualize the story of Malala Yousafzai as the unrealistic approach nowhere stands by her story. The film starts off with political conspiracy in Pakistan as it somehow tries to narrate Malala's story but it does not talk about her personal life but also a political perspective about the sequences that took place back in 2008.

Gul makai talks about everything thing apart from Malala, and comprehensively this film is about the political background that took place before the murder of the young activist herself. It tries to applaud Malala for her brave actions and her relentless attempt to improve women's position in Pakistani society. However, the Malala we see in the film is nowhere close to the real superwoman. 

It's hilarious how the film mocks true events as it starts from the mid-way itself and there is no factual establishment of the characters. At times it tends to knock you emotionally but those emotions make no sense if they aren't impacting. We are introduced to teen Malala and suddenly the film shifts it's the focus from her to the war between the Pakistani Army and Taliban. While the Taliban keeps on engaging their atrocities on civilians, there's malala who's trying to engulf all the knowledge she can. However, as we try to maneuver through sequences you tend to notice the 

Today, internet holds a strong presence throughout the world and getting content for your film is definitely not difficult but it seems the director has not even tried to take any efforts and research about the characters of his film. While we see the film through a spectrum of Malala’s personal life it offers a vague description of the character with no background check. There are times when you are completely bored and feel left out from the script.

The whole film is from her quotes and in fact why did the writer Bhaswati Chakrabarty spent 4 years? 

Frankly, the film is really bad due to its technical disability to feature what the audience wants to see and apart from that, the director didn't even try to add Malala’s speech from real life. While you are taken aback by the entire exposition of the film, you'd observe that the film is completely handicapped right to its foundation. As we try to expect at least some subtle acting from Reem Shaikh but we are yet again disappointed. The director has literally wasted Pankaj Triparty, Atul Kulkarni and even Divya Dutta.

The tiresome film even tries to depict the unknown reality but you can't expect too much as many scenes seem to be forced for the plot. Considering Malala's command over English why did the director try to change his character's accent. Didn't you even watch her interviews? If this was the story from her background didn't you research?   

(Ratings: 1.5/5)

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