Ghum hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Savi takes a stand for the Bhosales

Ghum hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, written update, February 28, 2024: Savi discloses that she chose to use her cafe earnings over Ishaan's check for her college fees, urging against blaming Yashwant and his family.

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Ghum hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Savi takes a stand for the Bhosales
Bhavika Sharma as Savi from Ghum hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Tonight's Ghum hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode begins with Swati praising Yashwant and Savi's family. Swati requests Yashwant's permission to meet Savi's family. Yashwant inquires about the whereabouts of Savi's family. Surekha and Reeva attempt to dissuade Swati, but she persists. Yashwant questions Swati's belief in his honesty. Swati announces to the guests that Savi is an orphan working as a waitress in a cafe. 

Surekha urges Swati to cease her accusations, denying Savi's employment at a cafe. Swati insists she has evidence and demands the Lokhandes show the video they were watching earlier. The Lokhandes deny knowledge of any video, deferring to Yashwant.

Savi admits working at a cafe:


Swati presses Savi to confess. Savi admits to working in a cafe. Surekha queries Ishaan about his awareness of this, to which he denies knowledge. Anvi questions Durva about Savi's disregard for their family's reputation. Durva asserts Savi's unworthiness for their family and urges Anvi to witness her expulsion. Yashwant attempts to mediate, but the guests interrogate Savi about her employment. They speculate whether she works due to the cancellation of her scholarship. Savi remains silent. Nishikant invites the guests to partake in the food. 

Media reporters arrive, expressing their intent to depart after uncovering the truth. They question the Bhosales. Savi intervenes, revealing that Ishaan provided her with a check for her college fees, but she opted to pay with her own earnings from the cafe. She implores the reporters and others not to accuse Yashwant and his family. A reporter challenges her secrecy regarding her employment, insinuating she is fabricating it to protect the Bhosales.

The Bhosales face backlashes:

The Bhosale faces backlashes:
Reporters questions the Bhosales. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Swati accuses Savi of shielding the Bhosales. The reporters interrogate Ishaan about the scholarship cancellation. One reporter confronts the Education Minister about his support for the Bhosales. The Education Minister affirms his commitment to girls' education and abruptly departs without waiting to hear from Yashwant. Savi reprimands the media for baseless accusations against her family. Yashwant dismisses the guests. Swati ridicules Ishaan and his family, asserting they deserve Savi, not Reeva. She derides Savi's family, prompting Savi to warn her against speaking ill of them.

Precap for the next episode:

In the upcoming episode, Surekha accuses Savi of opportunism and tarnishing their family's reputation. She also brands Sai an opportunist. Savi admonishes Surekha for disparaging her family. Surekha attempts to slap Savi, but Savi evades, causing Surekha to fall.

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