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Get Trendy with Tina

A pretty face with a smile that lightens the entire atmosphere, we strove to find out what's her style.

Published: Friday,May 11, 2007 22:53 PM GMT-06:00
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Tina Kuwajerwala, currently hosting her own TV show- Idea Life Ban Jaye on Sony has charmed her audience by her warmth and in the past surprised a lot of people with her dancing skills. We caught up with the ravishing Tina and got a sneak-peek at her choice. Who is Tina’s favourite designer, which brand does she prefer, how does she manage her professional life, hear it all from the lady herself……”Tina”

Get Trendy with Tina

Why fashion designing?

Tina: As I was growing up, I used to see my childhood photos, where I was wearing dresses to the taste and liking of my parents. When I entered my teens, I knew that I had to dress to my choice and that I had a liking for this fashion world and that this was the path for me. So one fine day, I just asked myself why not take it up as my profession. But my parents were against me entering the fashion world and wanted me to complete graduation and earn, which I did and I even worked for a few years. But then one day, I decided to follow my dream profession and joined the Fashion Designing course. Today I am glad that I took it up and my parents are with me in this.

How difficult is to make it as a fashion designer?

Tina: This world is filled with glamour, but behind all the glamour is a lot of hard work. Fashion changes every second and there is not a single day when a designer does not create anything new. We have deadlines to meet and long hours of work to cope up with and we were taught this in our very first task in Fashion School where the assignments used to be grueling and they gave us the much needed exposure to this world. The funda here in the school was to make us realize that the field we were stepping into was surely glamorous, but very tedious too.. We always have to be on our toes.

Fashion designing is in itself a vast land, which aspect of it do you work in?

Tina: As of now, I dress myself up. I am not a mainstream fashion designer, I am more into exports. Marketing locally and exporting is a totally different ball game. I basically export to USA. Here, we need to understand their market. There the dress code and preference is a bit different. They like to dress basic and minimal. They don’t prefer the high embroidery. If you are exporting, you need to always understand their taste and preference, you need to keep traveling to the place and get feedback from your clients. Usually a new trend first starts in Europe. So we always need to be aware and catch up with what’s happening where.

So, tell us something more about your product-line and where we could catch them?

Tina: I don’t design clothes for anyone. This is just the early stages of my career. It has only been 2 ½ years since I entered the fashion world and I have a long way to go and hopefully, I will reach there one day.

Our products can be seen in the High End Stores of USA and Canada like Nordstrom and J.Jill, who stock are clothes under the label “Casual Studio”.

Any designer whom you idolize in this field?

Tina: All the fashion designers have their own charm at work. I personally like the work of Tarun Tahiliani, because he is very successful but at the same time he understands the taste of the people and designs clothes that they want to wear. I don’t follow many international designers. But if at all I think of any, it should be Armani and Roberto Cavalla.

What is your personal favorite clothing label?

Tina: It’s the simple funda of anything and everything. I don’t believe in labels, I can pick up anything from even the streets and wear it. The only thing that matters is that it should look good on you .At times,the accessories sported along with the clothes makes all the difference. The garment can be casual wear but the accessories along with it make it a great ensemble. Me and Hussain can wear anything as long as it suits us. In fact, we can sport the clothes from the streets of Goa too.

Your take on Indian Fashion Industry?

Tina: The Indian fashion industry is truly growing.Actually when I talk to my customers in USA, they have always mentioned one thing,the low waist jeans which is a rage over there, actually started from the sarees worn below the navel. I don’t know how much of it is true, but this is what they have always mentioned. Most of my clients keep telling me, kurtis which are called by the name Tunic over there, is a big success there.Kurtis with a small embroidery on neck line is preferred a lot there. Ties and dies are quite famous.

The only thing that is lacking in India is the motivation or dedication to work. It is always seen the little bit of success always means redirecting lot of work to your juniors and get out of hard work.

What are you hoping to achieve in this field?

Tina: To make a name for myself, slowly start from exports to local markets. But then only time will tell.

What would be Tina’s style statement?

Tina: A very clichéd thought but this is what works for me.. Be comfortable in what you are wearing, don’t try to overdo it, take care of your body type, feel comfortable in what you wear and most importantly walk out confident. The important thing is not dressing up good but it also depends on your mannerisms. If your mind is not healthy, your face will not glow. You will not look your best, irrespective of what you wear. So be peaceful, eat well and exercise. It is a part of looking good and makes a style statement in itself.

Lastly, your recommendations to the readers for this season.

Tina: This season pastel shades,caps, scarfs to protect from the sun and heat and leggings are in vogue. Also, black never goes out of fashion and neither do the flirty dresses and skirts. Embroidery and kurtis are way out of fashion, infact down to dead now.

Now, now this was the very stylish Tina sharing her fashion secrets with us. You guys enjoy this and we will be back next week , with another fashion freak.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Writer: Priyaa. S.
Contact Writer: remixrulz

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Mrs.Isha Jay bhanushali @*Sweet_Ishu* 16 years ago tina,
you are the sweetest.. we love you!
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Nidoo @-Silencia- 16 years ago thnnks
she luks awsumm in tht dress...
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manish @mananjali 16 years ago it is very nice to know abt TINA, becoz she is no regular actor..I m a big fan of her natural talent.I m crazy to find the videos of Tina Hussain on nach baliye2, but did not get till now...thanks
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alyna @alyna 16 years ago soo sweet..really a nice interview..tina di u r jus 2 good
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Ambarina Altaf @ambarinaaltaf 16 years ago thankx for the article..tinaa u rock yaar....i must say ur fashion funda is rocking...hope tina u goo more n more ahead in ur life...wish u achieve everything u want....
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Sapna @*~Sapna~* 16 years ago ohh cool...I like her...and wish her the best
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Mrs.Kunal Kapoor @Nats 16 years ago Great Article!
Tina is really Bootiful!
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KinshukLuvsDina @KinshukLuvsDina 16 years ago kewl thanku 4 da article:)
tina is really sweet n she'll b a successful designer in da near future!all da best tina:)
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komal @komalsirwani 16 years ago tina is very talented...loved her style..thx 4 da aticle
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meera_005 @meera_005 16 years ago it was an awesome artical, definitely a delight to readddd, and im quite surprised her clothes are being sold at nordstorm which is a pretty big thing...
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