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Gazal Rai eager to get back to work...

Gazal Rai, popularly known as Pooja in Left Right Left wants to get back to television.. Here is the actress talking about her plans ahead...

Gazal Rai better known as Pooja Ghai of Left Right Left is raring to come back. Having disappeared from the TV scene midway during the second season of the above SAB TV show, Gazal took time for her first love, theater. “I was away traveling for the past four to five months with my theater group doing a Gujrati play across the United States”, says the actress.

Very eager to get back to television, Gazal is in talks for two to three shows. “Let’s see what happens. I am game for anything interesting, be it a daily or a weekly”. The actress emphasizes that she would feel at home in a reality show too. “Reality shows allow you to come in front of the audience as yourself and not as a character”, opines the gorgeous actress.

Remind her of the abrupt end to her otherwise fairy tale role in Left Right Left, and the girl is spontaneous with, “Let bygones be bygones. I want to look ahead”. But on coaxing, she ends up saying, “It was a good move that I quit LRL before DJ’s threw all the old cadets out. It was quite sad that the entire thing was played so badly in full media glare”.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani


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chunto 12 years ago It seems ur stomachache is over now.Ha..Ha..I miss all the cadets so much ,yudi, Huda, Ali n ya,Naiiiiina n best mentor captain Rajveer.
sunaina02 12 years ago Welcome back Gazal!

GAaal and Harshad were great together in LRL.

Hope to seetheor chemistry once again.
Shaina_b 12 years ago Ok but why did she leave??

She was the first one to exit after Rajeev!!!

Tasha1985 12 years ago Can't waist to see Gazal back!

All the Best Gazal! :)
Ultimate_Shadow 12 years ago she also thinks that DJ's threw the cadets out...i thought she would say that they quit ....

well anyways all the best to her...
nidhi2013 12 years ago welcum back :D

ur play was awesum :)
yogzz 12 years ago This content is hidden.
-DulceMaria- 12 years ago I agree wid her, DJ's spoiled everything....m happy for her, all the best Gazal.
animateash 12 years ago awwww wud love 2 see her backk man .....
-Mansi- 12 years ago Aww..I was so bloody dissappoiting..Im happy fr her.
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