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'Friends, parents and orchestra troupe, my inspiration' - Prashant

The Sepoy, Prashant Tamang, talking about his experiences in Indian Idol,his inspiration and much more..

The Sepoy, Prashant Tamang is the new singing sensation, he has been tagged as the 'Uncut Diamond' by Alisha Chinoi, the judge of Indian Idol. Though he has no formal training in music, he has always maintained that professional touch in his songs and is now into the Top 4 of Indian Idol. Being associated with Kolkata police since 2002, he sings in the police orchestra and has grooved many to perform to his tunes. He has a big fan base following and the girls love this Sepoy.

You have never been in bottom 3, so do you think you have the highest chances of winning this contest?

Prashant: No, it’s not that; we cannot say anything. All are good and the competition is tough now. Anyone can go out.

Do you want to go back and join the police profession or you want to stay back here and be a singer?

Prashant: As of now, I am focusing on my singing. I just hope that things fall in place; I am not thinking about future as of now.

Did you ever think you will come this far in Indian Idol?

Prashant: Of course not! I never thought I will get selected for the Galas, this is definitely a Dream come true.

Who has been your inspiration to pursue music and singing?

Prashant: Inspiration to do well in singing has come from friends, parents and my orchestra troupe..

Who is the best judge according to you?

Prashant: It definitely has to be Annuji. He is frank, man main jo hai woh bol dete hai.. Annnuji..

If you were to bring back one eliminated contestant, who would that be?

Prashant: Abhishek!

How was it to sing before Sonu Nigam?

Prashant: It was very nice, was a dream come true.. I was very excited to sing before him, but I felt sad that I could not impress him that much.

If you had to choose your Indian Idol today, who would it be?

Prashant: It has to be Amit!

And now one song you want to dedicate to all your fans and well wishers out there….

Prashant: Yaar Ko Maine Sone Na Diya.

The judges have named him as the 'Dark Horse' of Indian Idol. Prashant is the only contestant who has still not made it to the Danger Zone even once, in the Gala Round. If this statistics remains intact for few more weeks, then Prashant Tamang will surely be the 'Bharat Ki Shaan.'

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Barnali, Srividya Rajesh

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Applicant 2007-09-05T10:02:17Z Wow Prashant you are a gifted singer.
You are genious and gentleman. You are so pure and downtown to earth. God bless you.
coolsonu 2007-08-29T00:18:42Z he is such a goood guy!!! So humble...innocent n down to earth!!!ALL THE BEST TO HIM AND HIS BEST PAL, AMIT!!!!
Hope they both reach the top 2!!!
tina_sre 2007-08-29T00:03:25Z Thanks! He'z looking awesome in both the pics....I enjoyed going thru. the int. very honest answer..WISH HIM ALL THE BEST!
ammmu 2007-08-28T18:28:50Z Awww, what a sweet article.. Prashant is so sweet and down-to-earth.. and i agree, Amit should be the next Indian Idol now... thanks for the article!! :)
FreeBird03 2007-08-28T11:05:36Z best of luck prashant...hez a very sweet guy! :)
Mitesh.P 2007-08-28T10:57:54Z Well I can see why they have called Prashant the dark horse. :) Best of luck with the competition and may the best win!
lamansu 2007-08-28T10:31:33Z thanx keep it up prashant god bless you
~Poonam~ 2007-08-28T09:08:04Z thanksss

best of luck to prasant but i don't want him to be II but ohh well
lets wait and watch
Ardent 2007-08-28T07:44:39Z Thanks....really a humble person with great voice.....
macau2007 2007-08-28T05:01:08Z be a indian idol we are with you prashant thanks,

We are from Macau
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