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#FREAKYFRIDAY: Different types of supernatural creatures that Nazar taught us about

Know your supernatural characters 101...


Star Plus show Nazar, helmed by producer Gul Khan is one of the most loved supernatural show on television. The story started as a Dayan who bewitches a family and the struggles faced by the family under her evil eye. But as the story progressed, a lot of different types of supernatural characters were introduced by makers to apparently make the show more interesting.

So here we try' to present to a list of the different types of supernatural creatures that the show taught us about:


Daayan Mohana is the main character of the show. Played by Monalisa aka Antara Biswas, daayan is a 250-year old life-force sucking vampire-like creature who uses witchcraft to hypnotize people. A daayan kills people to steal their vitality, which keeps her young and beautiful and her strength resides in her long hair. But here's the thing, Mohana is not just a normal daayan but she's extremely powerful and is called, Ekaayan'.


A Daavanash is a hybrid of human and a daayan (yeah right!). So apparently, Dayan Mohana wooed and married a human and had two children and as they are a hybrid of human and daayan, they are called Daavansh ( Harsh Rajput) and they too possess some supernatural powers.

Reeva vanshi:

So if there are evil forces there has to be someone who stops them or kills them, hence introducing Reevaavanshi (Sumit Kaul), the monster hunters who have all the equipments and knowledge about these supernatural creatures and know how to kill them.


Aren't daayans and chudails the same? No, they're not. Chudails ( Sreejita De) are the evil spirits who are believed to have demonic powers and have the power to hex people. They are often said to be found in trees.


If the shape-shifting Naagins weren't enough for us, Nazar introduced us to Sarpika (Niyati Fatnani). Sarpika is also a kind of Naagin, a serpentine who possesses various powers and has various snake heads. She can convert from human to a serpentine and can spread her venom to kill people.


If you understood what a Daayan is, you won't have a hard time cracking this creature. Dukaayan (Priya Malik) is just a daayan with two heads. She rules the dream world and has exactly same powers as Ekaayan.


I'm sure you can already guess what this creature is. Yes, Asuransh (Sumit Bhardwaj) an offspring of a demon and a human and possess demonic powers.

Makshika Pari:

Now we all know what a pari is, she's basically a fairy but like a honey bee. (We're just as confused as you are). A fairy who looks like a bee.

Supernatural baby:

So thankfully, this one doesn't have a name yet or maybe it's just us who doesn't know. So this baby is born out of Sarpika and Daavansh and possesses all kinds of powers. It is a human who has powers of daayan and sarpika.


No, Ekaayan and Dukaayan weren't enough for the show, so they introduced a chalaayan (Sonnya King). She's a different breed of daayan, an invisible parasite-like entity who live through the host.

These were the creatures that we noticed, if you know of any other creatures that we missed, comment below and let us know.    

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SnehaDoll 2019-03-16T04:06:05Z Lol. Is this for real ? Why am I even reading this ? Gosh !!
bAkChOd.xD 2019-03-15T22:28:15Z Sarpika more like poor mans medusa lul
ArnavMalhotra 2019-03-15T10:20:01Z Nazar is like totally my favourite supernatural show ever!

#Nazar #StarPlus #RishtaWahiBaatNayi
BeyondHorizon 2019-03-15T09:48:14Z This show even gets a mention? Considering all the weird stuff that goes on not surprised LOL. Really wonder how anyone with little amount of common sense and sanity is still watching this show.
Amekha 2019-03-15T02:36:35Z You forgot to mention the zombies?
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