Food contest turns sour for Ankita!

Ankita Lokhande aka Archana of Zee’s Pavitra Rishta was admitted in hospital due to a petty food contest on the sets.

The lead actors of Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta, Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput, would have never imagined that a jolly good food eating competition would end up sending one of them to the hospital. But unfortunately that's exactly what happened. Recently, there were reports that Ankita Lokhande was suffering from stomach ache and viral fever.

However, our source gives a clear picture of what exactly went wrong with the girl. "Sushant is so fond of pav bhaji that he can eat up to six plates at once! Archana too is very fond of the dish and seeing Sushant's obsession for it, they took up a challenge of eating maximum plates of Pav Bhaaji at one go. The competition was very intense, so much so that in the spirit of it Archana didn't realize her limit and went on and on  so that she can win."

But things took a nasty turn the next day morning as Ankita couldn't stand the heat of this foodie in Sushant and fell ill. Says the source, "All that overeating gave a bad tummy ache to Archana. To top it, when she went to the doctor she was diagnosed with food poisoning!"

When contacted Sushant, he said, "Yes its true that we took the pav bhaaji contest jokingly , but when Ankita fell ill, I really felt bad. She woke up the next day with severe food poisoning. I  pray that she gets better".

We too pray Ankita recovers soon!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (11)

poor Archu any way good thing is even i like pav bhaji so i Sushant have one thing in common.

14 years ago

awww poor swthrt..get well soon dear..her jodi with Sushant is so cute...luv them:)

14 years ago

Too bad......anyway whatz so good about pav bhaji???
hope she gets well soonn....

14 years ago

2 bad....
hope she get well soon

14 years ago

poor poor antika!! hope she feels better

14 years ago

ohh dear hope she gets well soon

Never mess with food

14 years ago

get well soon
nice to know sushant like pavbhajji so much

14 years ago

Get well soon Anki, and take care of your health.

14 years ago who actually won the competition???

14 years ago

Aww,luv dem:)
Get well soon Ankita,we want our ArMan back in action:-)

14 years ago

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