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Exotic Southern Locales For Bollywood!

While this isn't a big deal and the movie buffs have no qualms about it, BollyCurry would still like to point out a few breathtaking locations down south that would totally rock any scene in a high budget Bollywood flick.

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Bollywood has always been known for its high budget films that have been shot near and far, all around the globe. No doubt, the directors are the ones to decide best on what location they have in mind for a particular scene. But despite having an unlimited amount of exotic locations to choose from right in India, many opt to cross the borders of the Motherland and explore foreign locales.

While this isn't a big deal and the movie buffs have no qualms about it, BollyCurry would still like to point out a few breathtaking locations down south that would totally rock any scene in a high budget Bollywood flick.
Located way off the city of Chennai (the hub of Tamil Nadu), Tirunelveli has its own charm and appeal. With varying urban and suburban areas and magnificent waterfalls scattered around it, there's nothing missing in this beautiful city. It is a known fact that directors love to throw in a scene where the lovers escape for some alone time that usually results in the inevitable romance, so why not have a backdrop of a waterfall that's just down south? Sounds pretty romantic to us and convenient too!
It should come as no surprise that the second largest city of Tamil Nadu, after Chennai, earns itself a spot in this list. Modern and oozing sophisticated appeal, Coimbatore relishes in its fancy architecture. However, when the sun goes down and the stars come out, this city transforms into a land from dreams. One can only picture a scene of a beautiful night out in such an atmosphere. Night life for the win!
Possibly one of the most beautiful cities in South India that was never given its due, Valparai is an unknown beauty. With lush flora and wonderful scenery, one is bound to enjoy this hill station located in the Coimbatore district. Curved roads that go round and round until one loses balance, Bollywood fanatics can imagine a long road trip with great friends, lots of laughter and undeniable good spirits in Valparai. Road trips make the world go round indeed!
Also known as Thiruvananthapuram, this city is the capital of the South Indian state of Kerala. Humming with a busy lifestyle and being commercially recognized, Trivandrum has an alluring urban appeal while being located at the extreme south of the mainland. Despite being a bustling city, there is just enough of a relaxing atmosphere available for one to unwind. The beautiful beaches available definitely add to the appeal, but do not deter the real purpose. Next time a Bollywood director wants to capture the tempting sandy beaches, he should take a trip down South. Beaches have their own kind of charm!
When one thinks of a rich cultural background, Nagapattinam should come to mind. This city claims the prize for having a deep, multicultural history - something that is hardly preserved nowadays. The city is located at the extreme east of the mainland and it buzzes with numerous historical landmarks. With this as the town's main attraction, Bollywood can sure as heck cash in on this notable place. History is an irrefutable art!
Entering Kodaikanal is synonymous to entering nature's paradise. Despite being located mostly inland, this place is a major tourist attraction, which is why it's puzzling why Bollywood hardly ever took its cameras to this neck of the woods. Opulent green and luxurious hills, who wouldn't want to explore this beautiful land? Bollywood, take note, that the next time you decide to have an old fashioned love story, here's where you need to land. Nature is the most inexpensive gift!
South India has an abundance of similar locations like the aforementioned ones, but for obvious reasons, all could not be listed here. While BollyCurry urges Bollywood to travel further South to explore these magnificent places, we encourage you to share your views in the space below and feel free to add your own destinations to this wishlist.

Author: Mohini N.
Editors: Nabila S. and Gunia K.
Graphics: Marsh P.

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