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Ekta Kapoor's Diwali Bash on Star Plus...

Ekta Kapoor's musical extravaganza on Diwali - Cadbury Celebration Diwali Rishton Ki will be a star-studded affair with more than 80 celebrities performing.. Get details here...

Published: Monday,Sep 29, 2008 10:47 AM GMT-06:00
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Ekta Kapoors Diwali Bash on Star Plus...
To mark the festival of lights, the daily soap queen, Ekta Kapoor brings a special episodic celebration on Star Plus. The show titled Cadbury Celebration Diwali Rishton Ki will be an eight episodic show loaded with music and masti.
Sources reveal to us that the show has over 80 celebrities performing, including big names Ronit Roy, Hussain Kuwajerwala, Juhi Parmar, Aamir Ali, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Sarita Joshi, Deven Bhojani, Benaf  Dadachandji, Gautam Rode, Amit Verma, Manwa Naik, Karishma Tanaa, Krushna, Kashmera Shah, Vikas Sethi, Gaurav Chopra, Amit Tandon, Rucha Gujrathi, Shubangi Atre, Karan Patel, Panchi Bora, Chetan Hansraj, Swini Khara, Karan Grover, Shweta Gulati, Dhairya, models Aditi Govitrikar, Anajana Sukani, Urvashi, Sucheta and many more.

The show also has Ketki Dave, who was recently eliminated from the reality show Bigg Boss. The musical extravaganza will be hosted by none other than television's most adored couple Hiten and Gauri Tejwani. The stars will be dancing, singing, playing games and having a gala time enjoying the festival of lights.
So, don't miss this one of a kind show that is filled with fun and frolic that will be aired from the 2nd week of October at 10 PM ..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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AnkitaKaran @AnkitaKaran 9 years ago Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel ...
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Nupur @MaYur_AbhiSh 12 years ago loved hussain a lot there
and shweta superb as usual
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