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'Ekta and Balaji have always been lucky for me' - Shubhavi

Shubhavi, popularly known as Meera Singhania in Kyunki is back again; This time she has set her eyes on Parvati's Om of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki...


People Love to Hate her. Her first major role, as Meera Singhania in Balaji's 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi', catapulted Shubhavi to instant stardom..and there was no looking back. With conviction and strength in the characters she plays, Shubhavi has won herself fans and admirers around the globe.

Her second innings, in Balaji's Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii has, once again, won her rave reviews. Telly Buzz caught up with Shubhavi, to find out more..

Welcome Back, Shubhavi...How is it to work in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki? "It is again a very good experience. I get to play a lawyer for the second time here. I entered Kyunki last year, exactly in September; now, I enter Kahaani this September. Ekta and Balaji have always been lucky for me. Touch wood."

Is this a cameo or is it that the character is going to develop? "No, it is certainly not a cameo. The character is going to develop. The major twist in the tale will be unfolded soon."

Tell us something about your role? "I cannot reveal much about the way my character is going to develop. But speaking of it, I love playing Rishika and I like to play a Bengali. I love my look, the big bindi, kaajal in my eyes, sporting semi-bengali sarees. Ekta has always given me powerful roles. The most fascinating thing is that she has always given me wonderful names. Meera Singhania and Rishika Rai Choudhury, I simply love the names!"

How is it working with Ekta again?" Its really great to get back to Balaji Productions. Last year, it was Kyunki and now it is Kahaani. These are Ekta's two babies, so its really nice."

Wishing Shubhavi All the Very Best for her Second innings with Ekta...

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Ekta
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priyankap 2007-09-27T06:45:17Z thnx..
she isnt lukin gud in tht
luv_sakshi 2007-09-26T17:01:29Z Gr8 Article..really like the way this character of Rishika's developing! Shubhavi's a good actor too...really can't wait for the Big Twist in the storyline!!
pomegranate 2007-09-26T16:19:05Z very interesting no doubt that she's playing a negative role but i think it's going to be nice.In Kgg she looks soooo pretty that I can't explain in words. can't wait :D
maha_prakrti 2007-09-26T12:39:15Z Gee she is a good actress.... Waiting for the twisty
maha786 2007-09-26T11:12:52Z i too like her she is a very nice actor she does plays her role with full conviction
~*puja*~ 2007-09-26T11:11:39Z Looks like she's playing the same character from Kyunki... but who knows it may be different!
pallavi25 2007-09-26T08:57:01Z Is she or isnt she a Bengali in real life? Cuz she spoke the language very well as Rishika...she overacts a bit but otherwise is a good actress.
Rachu_1987 2007-09-26T08:16:04Z well guess her role in kggk won't be much different to that of kyunki, but still she's a decent vamp lol
priyapiya 2007-09-26T04:40:41Z Interesting.....Major twist....can't wait to see what will happen in the serial!!!
mesmerized 2007-09-26T04:05:42Z she is sweet i cnat w8 to see what happens in kggk how exciting
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