Moon Banerrjee set to bring a twist in COLORS’ ‘Doree' as Maya

Moon Banerrjee speaks about her upcoming stint in Colors TV's show Doree.

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Moon Banerjee

COLORS' thought-provoking drama 'Doree' has been gripping audiences with its engaging mix of entertainment and emotional depth with the enthralling journey of the six-year-old Doree, portrayed by Mahi Bhanushali. The storyline is set to take an exciting turn with actor Moon Banerrjee being roped in as Maya, a cunning and opportunistic woman. With her entry to the show what storm will come in Kailashi Devi’s life? Will she be able to succeed in her plan of taking revenge against Kailashi Devi with Agni’s (played by Amar Upadhyay) help?

Moon Banerrjee, playing the role of Maya in COLORS' 'Doree' shares, "It's great to work with COLORS again, and I am excited to get another opportunity to play such an amazing role in Doree. This will be my hattrick show with Colors. I will be seen essaying the character of Maya Portraying a negative role brings a lot more drama and depth to the character. I am very excited to play a negative role after 18 years on the screen and I hope viewers will embrace me with open arms.”

In the current storyline, Maai fights Kailashi Devi’s false allegations against Doree in court, however, when the judge asks her to reveal her face, she doesn’t comply with the order. Later, back in the haveli, Anand celebrates Kailashi Devi's win, while Mansi feels sad about Doree's loss. Meanwhile, Maai reveals that she is the real Kailashi, and Doree decides to gather evidence against Kailashi for murdering her father. Will Doree be able to prove Kailashi Devi and Anand’s crime? 

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