Dolly Bindra ready for Bigg Boss Saath 7!

Even as news from sources say that Dolly Bindra is likely to make an entry in the Bigg Boss house tomorrow the ex-Bigg Boss contestant gives her take on Bigg Boss Saath 7!

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She was a massive dose of entertainment as a participant in Bigg Boss 4 on Colors when she entered as a wild card entry and went on to stay till the finals. Known for her outspokenness, it was not a surprise when Dolly Bindra recently put up a question on a social networking site asking who would want to see her in Bigg Boss Saath 7? 

As per our sources she is all set to make an entry for a special task and that is the reason she wanted to know how many will like to see her again in the house.

The majority who responded wanted to see her back on the show and talking about the same, Dolly reveals why and how the show is close to her heart, about what is wrong in this season, about the participants and much more...

Dedicate and leave yourself in the hands of Bigg Boss just like you would leave yourself to God!

The show Bigg Boss is very close to me as the show has lots of masala and it is entertainment. In the current season I feel that the contestants are not enjoying doing the tasks that they are given. They should understand that you get points for all the mehnat that you do. All that hard work earns you additional food and at the same time there are rules which are not meant to be broken. They should do the tasks happily and enjoy, but instead of that these people are taking it personally and getting into fights because of that since everyone has an attitude problem. They like we leave ourselves to God do the same to Big Boss since you have opted to be a part of the reality game show. Nobody has forced you but has asked you and only after knowing the format and agreeing on the terms and conditions and the payment it is decided then how can you target BB in a negative manner? All I can say is that when I was there I had never done this..

Elli Avram was an angel and I miss her on the show now! 

Elli was this humble, sweet, beautiful, good face, nice girl you wanted to watch. It is not fun to watch people talking and fighting 24 by 7. She was an angel, however there are too many devils on the show. Some are natural devils, some ban rahe hain, game khel rahe hain.

I personally like Sangram Singh... 

Sangram sacha hai and achha bhi hai. He seems to have a good heart, and is a pure soul. He doesn't do things on purpose. I like Sangram and want him to be a winner. According to me Sangram will win Bigg Boss 7.

Ajaz Khan is playing a game...

Ajaz is making himself famous which is justified, but I cannot understand the emotional track between him and Gauhar Khan since as far as I know he is happily married and has a baby.

Tanisha Mukherjee should speak her mind...

Tanisha is doing good. The only drawback is that after she has started liking Armaan she has lost her individual identity. She had a sherni wala attitude when she entered the house which is lacking now. She should put forth her point of view and trust her instincts and her mind since no one can force their opinion on others.

I still consider Armaan to be my brother...

Armaan Kohli was like my brother and I used to call him Veerji till the unfortunate incident in 2008 in Mauritius happened when circumstances were such that he lost cool on his then girlfriend. We stopped talking after that and have not been in touch. However, I feel let bygones be bygones... I still consider him to be my brother. I think Armaan has improved a lot in his behavior and he is not a bad guy at all. He believes in friendship and togetherness. Like any other person he cannot tolerate certain things and due to his temperament he loses cool thinking - why me?

I am not liking the way people are targeting Bigg Boss and Salman Khan...

I don't understand on what grounds do they target Bigg Boss and Salman Khan who is an excellent host but now even he is irritated and he has already said in anger that he wants to leave the show. It is not easy to host and understand the contestants. There is a negative aura against Salman Khan & Big Boss. I am not liking the way people are using social networking sites to talk wrongly about Salman Khan. Everybody has a right to express their opinion but not to abuse which is what is sadly happening these days. Everyone is openly abusing the show, the host and Bigg Boss. The contestants should understand that there is a creative team involved who decide as to what will happen next and not Salman Khan or the so called Big Boss. The contestants should learn to have fun, and not be nagging all the time! Talk and raise your point when it is necessary but not just like that. If you want to criticize then don't come on the show. It is the format of the game so adhere to it.

I had thoroughly enjoyed myself in the Bigg Boss house...

When I was in the Bigg Boss house I enjoyed myself thoroughly. It is a big game and I don't believe it when people say it is scripted. I have lived the show. I am a person who in real life wakes up to Gayatri Mantra and Wahe Guru but there we used to wake up to Bollywood numbers. After coming out of the Big Boss house for many days they used to keep ringing in my ears.

There can be no comparison between seasons since each time the contestants are different. Some come to be targets, some get into emotional blackmail, some raise sympathy and nobody is wrong since everybody wants to win but it is not so easy to win. So I would say that no contestant is bad. Haalat aise hote hain ke wahan pe insaan majboor ho jata hai to behave the way they do.

I don't mind going in the Big Boss house again...

Now if they approach me I will go... why not? It is a great platform and it is an entertaining show which teaches you all about relationships - the ups and downs, anger, masti, sensitiveness, possessiveness all these experiences happen to you and it depends on how you want to take it. I don't hide my feelings and am very expressive so I pen down everything and thus I shared my views and asked for people's opinion about whether they want to see me in Bigg Boss Saath 7 and the majority wanted me to do it. Once inside I don't think I will try and rectify anybody's behavior... I am not a principal or a teacher and the show is pure entertainment. Nothing should be taken personally.

Seema Khot Mattoo

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-Wanderer- 7 years ago Bigg boss is for clowns. The show is sick and yes, SCRIPTED!
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sxy_angel1 7 years ago i think c is brought to defend sallu's biased nature...no dolly in bb plz :P
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riya_ss9 7 years ago Yeah right!!! You and Armaan will be good for each other, both shouting gaalis to each other.

As for Sallu, please he is biased host this year. He should be out now.
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oKBSo 7 years ago ehhh... dont plzzz... dont come back dammit
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tistaa 7 years ago MY LORD PLZ SAVE THE AUDIENCES FROM THIS BIG DOUCHE BAG!!!! What the hell !!! Everytime she speaks only dirts come from her mouth and now again she will be in the bb house which is already very dirty !!!! I hope this news is false
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Yuvika_15 7 years ago ajaz has a son but didn't know he was married? he never mentioned a wife...

tanisha has defo changed...compare her in the first few episodes to now - big difference and not a good one either.

ellie was the best... now that she's gone I don't think there is any1 in tht house tht truly deserves 2 win
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mark-mayur 7 years ago shut up u fitty muu woman ..armman kholi ki behan bindira ...
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Zahra123 7 years ago what a lie, she most certainly wasnt the winner in that poll. big boss and salman are planting one more support for tanisha. unfair salman and also unfair big boss.
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Ninja. 7 years ago 'Tanisha has lost her
individual identity.'

^This is so TRUE. Tanisha has become Armaan's puppet.

If Dolly Bindra enters the house, we will be able to hear lots of 'baap pe maat jana' thing. Armaan might get a tough competition. LOL
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clars 7 years ago Thanks but No thanks ,we have had enough of the contestants and we cant tolerate any more wild Cards and certainly not a loudspeaker like u2013-11-26 05:35:38
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