Divyanka Tripathi makes some SURPRISING revelations about her 'Karwa Chauth' plans!

The actress is set to observe her first Karwa Chauth with a small glitch..

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Actress Divyanka Tripathi is extremely happy and excited these days. Wondering why? It is because, the actress will be celebrating her first 'karwa chauth' post marriage with Vivek Dahiya.

Karwa Chauth is an Indian festival where married women fast for the entire day without even consuming water, for the safety and long-life of their beloved husbands.

We got in touch with Divyanka, who mentioned, "Yes, I am really excited and anxious about 'karwa chauth', as of course, this is my first one post marriage. I have learnt all the required practices to be done on the day from my mother-in-law and I can't wait for the day."

We asked her about what does her husband, Vivek has to say about the fast, to which she said, "Vivek is totally against it as he simply doesn't want me to fast and remain hungry. He keeps telling me that we are together and happy so why fast and strain yourself. However, I am adamant that I will observe the fast because, apart from being an important ritual, it is romantic too (chuckles)."

When asked if she is expecting any gift or surprise from Vivek, she said, "Not at all. I am not expecting anything from him. If, I come to know that he, too is fasting or something, I will go and feed him myself (Laughs). Because, I know he cannot remain hungry and has to be well-fed. Apart from that, we will go on a late dinner together. If he comes up with any surprise, I will be happy and even if not, I will be equally happy."

When we asked about if she will be following all the rituals like applying mehendi and all, the actress said something which got us surprised. She said, "No, I won't be able to apply mehendi for the day due to work commitments. As actors, you are committed to your work and you cannot hamper your work due to your personal endeavors. People loved my mehendi during my marriage, for which too I actually took a huge risk, considering I had to resume work after marriage. But, it was my marriage and I had to do it. However, this time around, I won't be able to apply mehendi as the track of the show will get affected."

Now that's a classic example of striking out the right balance between personal and professional life, Divyanka!

We wish Divyanka and Vivek a happy karwa chauth..! 

Divyanka Tripathi Vivek Dahiya Yeh Hai Mohabbatein  Star Plus 

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Luckyiam 4 years ago Oh God what a hypocracy she will fast for her husband but her husband should not fast for her if so she will feed him then same should done by her husband too n.a. atleast in hindi serials husband's will fast for wife's but in real life no husband will fast for wife's selfish husband's2016-10-19 11:08:56
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Arshichamkili9 4 years ago Love youu Divyanka Tripathii... Good luck for your karvachauth
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Celebfan123 4 years ago @Pinkrose95, yes, exactly, atleast 1 sensible comment from another fandom. I myself don't like to bash but some people started commenting badly about others' favourite (mine too) when it's not even an article about her. Go and have a look from the start and you see who started. If your fav is bashed, would you stay quiet?? No right..so yeah.

Just like you said, not only Divyanka but there are some actresses who've worked hard and come a long way with success and lesson from failure.

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swa6 4 years ago No matter what others say, I am always all eyes and ears for your news Divz... ;)
It feels nice to know again and again how professional & committed you are wrt work, and how romantic, loyal and loving person you are in real life...
maintaining a perfect balance between personal and professional life... :)
Fandom arises and disappears with time... Despite of any of this, I hope the content smile on your lips, may never fade away !
Happy KC by the way..
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PinkRose95 4 years ago if you dont like then y to take the pain of reading the whole article and use abusive words? show your love for ur fav in their accounts or article related to them. abd about flops all the celebs have one or the other flop show in their carrer. if u cant see that then its clearly ur fault. DT has earned this fandom even though if it took years to reach here.. she is a self made and hard working women..TO MODS.. better take strict action against those ids
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shreepatil. 4 years ago love u lot divyanka tripathi. haters gonna hate. its hobbies of them.
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A HUGE FAN 4 years ago Divyanka Tripathi, you are the best!
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vinnas 4 years ago lo agayi another article on DT which was waiting impatiently by all IF viewers.. IF team you became lazy this days to publish one by one articles on DT which is your main job after all ..

it's also public stunt or publicity drama in the other way who agree or not ...other than DT fans . general viewers are not interested in all this info which makes their head bang on wall everytime to read .stop this too waste articles and publish something to know regarding shows or entertainment news..

just fed up of it .
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Celebfan123 4 years ago Divyanka idols praising her by saying she has big fanbase?yeah, she may have lots of followers on social media but you're talking as if she's reached that number overnight. Bitch please, she's been OVER FOUR YEARS ACTIVELY on social media. Speaking about Sanaya Irani? On your face haters, she has almost 300k on insta and over 800k on fb within LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. And she doesn't post daily. Oh did I forger to mention that her account was verified within one week? Depending on you poplarity, your account gets verified he quicker.

And for your kind info, *cough cough*, even Divyanka had 2 flop shows on SAB TV before coming with Ekta's show/ small role in comedy circus lol (didn't even know that)

So shut up and get ready to welcome back the trinity of TV back into action. Jenniifer/ Sanaya/ Drashti.

Idon't bash but hey, respect others' fandoms for yours to get respect.

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mcvra 4 years ago Happy for DT2016-10-18 14:03:39
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