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Divyanka Tripathi facing insensitive treatment from her society

Inspite of having ample space in the compound for parking, the beautiful actress has to leave her brand new car, high and dry, out on the road for the petty thieves to make merry.

Published: Wednesday,Jul 11, 2007 20:35 PM GMT-06:00
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 Divyanka Tripathi, the popular and talented actress of 'Banu main Teri Dulhan' on Zee, faced some tough times recently when her brand new cherished Hyundai Verna's glass was smashed and it's stereo system stolen. All because the insensitive society people of Manishdeep Society (Four Bungalows, Manishnagar, Andheri West) refused to let her park inside the safety of the compound, citing 'lack of space'.
   " There is plenty of space. I parked my car inside for the first three days, not knowing that I was not allowed to do so. I had rented this place on the understanding that I would get a parking space because I was planning to get a car,' laments the troubled actress, "but when they found out I was parking there, they forced me to park it outside. I was tired, having returned from the shoot at 4 am, and when I got up at 7 am, I saw that my car had been broken in. It was heartbreaking."   
To top it, the very next day, Mumbai was put on a flood alert. Divyanka got her spot boy to double as her driver, and he called her soon after, telling her that the water had reached the doors of the car and it would soon spill inside. Panicked, Divyanka asked him to squeeze inside the car through the broken window and drive it to a safe place. "Ironically, I was almost glad that the window was broken so that he could get inside, because opening the door of the car was obviously out of question," laughs the lovely actress. 
It's an extremely sad state of affairs that a girl trying to live alone in this dream city is facing such callous behaviour from her neighbours. "It's tough to survive in such societies for outsiders. They know I don't have anyone living with me, and yet they are not ready to help me out". Obviously, the supercilious behaviour hurts. " My landlords tried their level best to resolve the situation by talking to them, even giving a formal application to the society. The application came back with a blunt one line written on it - 'No space available'. Which, I have to say, is not true. Anyone can see that there is plenty of room for parking there. I am ready to pay if they want to charge me. But now, it's apparent that they are deliberately doing this because they don't want to give me a parking space,' rues Divyanka sadly.

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   So is she still fighting it out? "No, I simply don't have enough time, which is essential for these kind of stuff. I start shoot at 11 am in the morning, and finish way past midnight. I didn't even have the time to get my car fixed right away, or even before the flood for that matter, leave alone anything else. So I neither have the time, nor the energy for any such battle. Moreover, I acutely dislike any kind of confrontations. I would rather move out to another place,' sighs this soft spoken lady.
              Divyanka with her new Hyundai Verna
 It is amazing how cold hearted and unaccommodating people can become. These unfeeling people live in the same Mumbai, whose heroic citizens had brought pride and respect to every Indian by their selfless approach in the Mumbai floods in 2005. Two years later, the flood situation is the same, but these few uncooperative people have now marred the selfless image of an average Mumbaiker, or at least of those who live in such societies and treat anyone whom they consider as an outsider with contempt, disrespect, and arrogance. Shame on them !
 We hope Divyanka soon finds a great place, both for herself, and her beautiful car.
Author: Minnie Gupta
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ritzy2ritz 15 years ago thats not right... what they're doing , get her a parking space, goddammit!
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A1rmond 15 years ago all i can say to this that this world is made of everything. Gud ppl and bad one. Our job as a human being is to deal with it. Have patience, be calm abt what u do and everything will be fine than panicing abt it. I hope things will get better. TC
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magical mahua
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kimmu 15 years ago wow that is rude, divyanka you should take action. I mean its your car!! You can sue them for touching your car!
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shweta.ku 15 years ago Mumbai happens to be the rudest place i have ever seen, no one replies and tells u anything straight way, regardless of how many and how much u ask, they just wont reply, even New york isnt this much rude having been the busiest place.

I guess they are not helping divanka coz she isnt a marathi and is getting all sucess.
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griffy.fz 15 years ago thanxx
how insenitive cane people be????
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tina_sre 15 years ago
Awww that's so can people be so rude...I just hope that she get better place soon.
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*Reemz* 15 years ago just a few days she got her car and they did this. Its so pathetic! Feel bad for her :( Hope it all gets sorted soon!!
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nikki79 15 years ago How upset she must be to see the fruits of her hard-work destroyed due to the insensitivity of some jealous people. I hope the bad press generated by this piece will discourage anyone else from moving there. That will teach them a much-needed lesson! They'll have all that precious parking-space to themselves then.
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-Kash- 15 years ago Awww poor Divyanka...her car looks cool! Insensitive people :(
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