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Divine Intervention on the sets of Maniben.com

Recently, the entire unit of the show on SAB TV experienced a very pleasant occurrence on the sets which made them happy...

Published: Tuesday,Jun 23, 2009 18:12 PM GMT-06:00
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Divine Intervention on the sets of Maniben.com
It looks like Gods have literally chosen SAB TV's Maniben.com to shower blessings in the most unique way.

The entire unit of the show had a pleasant surprise when in one of the scenes, Maniben (Smriti Irani) was cutting brinjals when she found that one particular half of it had a very clear design of 'OM' in it.

According to our source, "All were astounded and wanted to have a look at the most amazing brinjal. OM is considered to be an auspicious symbol among Hindus and this superbly engraved brinjal just proved that Maniben.com received some 'Divine Intervention'…

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sparky @sparkling_gems 14 years ago I dont get this.. did it happen for real or it was a made up brinjal?
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NEELAM K. SUDHIR @NKSUDHIR 14 years ago Om Navah Shivaya!!!
I am so happy for Smriti that Lord Shiva showered His Blessings on Smriti and her crew meembers.
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Devanshi @*Devanshi* 14 years ago Yea.. saw it on SBS.. i'm so happy for Smriti n whole team of Maniben.Com.. May God keep showering blessings to her in this way..
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divyanka dev rai saran @divyankadevrais 14 years ago wow saw it in sbs 2day gr8 but de fact remains dat it was her director who was cutting it as smrithi 2ld in sbs but here it says she was cutting CONFUSION well dat too ystday 22 june was somvaar amvasya so gud day
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