Divine intervention on the sets of Hamari Devrani..

Entry of Ladoo Gopal proved disastrous for the Jethanis in Star Plus' Hamari Devrani...

Divine intervention has struck the sets of Star Plus' Hamari Devrani with the entry of Gopal, the human incarnate of Ladoo Gopal. As the Jethanis continue to create havoc in the life of Mohan and Bhakti, Gopal comes into their life to shower them with happiness.

According to our source, "Gopal comes to the Nanavati house with a guest who is actually the huge Balram, Gopal's brother. They both have a mission in hand to resurrect the life of Mohan and Bhakti and to teach the Jethanis a lesson".

"The kid playing the role of Gopal is Raunak Soni", adds our source.

However, their entry scene which was shot in the midst of a strong wind blowing proved to be really divine for Parul Bhabhi (Kalyani Thakkar), wherein Kalyani had a fall and broke her ankle.

"Well, it seemed to be an incident straight out of the story where Gopal's entry proves to be fatal for the jethanis. It was as if nature conspired to teach the Parul (Kalyani Thakkar) a lesson for tormenting Mohan and Bhakti. Even as Little Gopal (Raunak Soni) tried his best to keep Kalyani's spirits high, like a true professional she was shooting the scene with the excruciating pain. Soon after she was rushed to the doctor who said her ankle was in bad shape and that she has to undergo an operation immediately", verbalizes our source.

As we wish Parul Bhabhi a speedy recovery, we also look forward to Gopal and Balram changing the life of Mohan and Bhakti for good!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Thankxxx , i was just bored to see that vamps are winning the race. Ekta''s K series were better b''coz vamps either get caught , here the serial is running and no vamp get caught . now seems to be interesting

15 years ago

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